Transform Your Kitchen with Our 7 Galley Kitchen Makeover Ideas

If you have a galley kitchen, you are probably wondering how to make it look more beautiful and well-organized. That’s the reason why you are reading this post right now. Most galley kitchens have a compact and efficient design. Proper arrangement is necessary to keep such a kitchen looking attractive at all times. In this post, we will be discussing galley kitchen makeover ideas with which you can maximize the space within your kitchen. With these ideas, you can start transforming your galley kitchen immediately.

Add Windows for Improved Ventilation

The first thing to check out for when transforming your galley kitchen is windows. If the windows in the kitchen are not enough, ventilation will be poor. More so, lighting could be an issue. You may need to hire a contractor to come help you install windows at strategic areas of your kitchen. You will notice a great difference between the before and after looks of your kitchen after installing the windows.

Try Industrial Style Lighting

After deciding the areas where you’ll need windows installed, the next galley kitchen makeover idea that should be on your mind is the lighting. There are different types of lighting design but we advise you to use industrial style lighting. This is simply because they are more elegant and illuminate better.

For the lighting arrangement, the best would be a triangular arrangement with proper spacing. Light panels hanging down from the top of the ceiling will fit better than the embedded ones.

Paint the Walls or Use 3D Wall Panels

Paint the Walls or Use 3D Wall Panels

The next galley kitchen makeover idea is wall painting. While painting is a good way to improve the ambience within your kitchen, 3D wall stickers and panels also do a great job. Whether you’ll prefer paints or panels, make sure you choose bright colors. Remember, your galley kitchen is compact and dull colors would reduce the brightness making it a bit difficult to find items within the kitchen. If white is too generic for you, you can choose light-grey instead. Don’t forget to paint the ceilings too with the same color or a close match.

Install Compact and Attractive Cabinets

Cabinets have a way of making kitchens look very attractive. They also help in maximizing the space within the kitchen. With so much space at your disposal, you wouldn’t have to deprive yourself of purchasing and using kitchen gadgets. You can actually purchase as many food processors as you want for your kitchen and have them carefully arranged inside your kitchen cabinet.

Another idea which you must have in mind before purchasing a cabinet is how easy it is to clean. As we all know, a kitchen can get dirty and greasy from time to time. Cabinets that is easy to clean will make your kitchen look compact and neat at all times.

Install Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are just as important as cabinets in galley kitchens. Like we discussed in the previous paragraph, cabinets help you arrange your food processors and other gadgets neatly. Wall shelves are used in a similar fashion, but they are useful for neatly storing your cooking utensils like spoons, knives, and others.

In order to maintain an orderly arrangement within your galley kitchen, we advise that your wall shelves should be just above your cabinet. It should be at an area where your hand can reach with a little stretch.

Plan your Flooring Accordingly

Plan your Flooring Accordingly
Flooring is quite an important consideration for galley kitchens especially if the other end leads to another room or the garden. For open galley kitchens, you need to choose patterned floor carpets which have a little bit of friction on them. To keep it well you should be using carpet tools. The reason is because an open kitchen will experience more people moving from one end to the other. It may become dangerous for kids or even adults who may slip while walking or playing in the kitchen. More so, we advise that you use bright carpets rather than dull ones. With a bright colored carpet, it is easy to see spilt liquid on the floor and you can wipe it off quickly before it causes an accident.

Movable Waste bins?

Galley kitchens are known for their compactness and narrow walkway. In order to use the kitchen more efficiently, you need to have everything you’ll be cooking with nearby. You may also need to change positions rapidly and it won’t be easy to move around freely in such a tight kitchen. This is where movable waste bins become important. Rather than bend every time you want to move the bin close to the area where you are working, you can simply push it around with your leg. If there’s space under your cabinet or sink, you can easily push it in there as well when not in use. This allows you free up floor space in your galley kitchen.


We have discussed extensively on galley kitchen makeup ideas and now you have a handful of options to choose from when renovating your kitchen. The main goal of all galley kitchens is to maximize the small space available. You can achieve this basically with bright illumination and proper arrangement. Start putting these tips into practice today and you’ll definitely get the best from your galley kitchen.

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