Transform Your Lounge with a Home Video Wall


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Lounge with a Home Video Wall

If you are wondering what to do with your lounge, take some time to consider building a large video wall. It is a trend that is still growing, and rightfully so. A video wall can serve as a big screen for a classy movie night, but it can also provide a way to display amazing art – from digitalized artwork to photography. You can make a collection of your favorite works. Or you can change the artwork displayed based on your mood and the atmosphere you want to achieve. A video wall is a simple and elegant way of making your lounge suitable to host a variety of events.

Hosting a party is always difficult. Aside from sending all the invites and preparing all the food, a lot of effort is put into preparing the room to look its best. This can especially be difficult (and expensive) if you host many events and wish to have something special and different every time. Video walls are made for people who love to change their environment every so often, as it enables them to do it in a simpler and cheaper way. A new artwork can bring a whole new dimension to a room.

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Video walls come in different sizes and even shapes. From ones that serve only as display screens to touch-screen cutting-edge technology; from a simple rectangular one to the more artistically put together pieces that look suitable for a modern art museum. A lot will, naturally, depend on the budget you are willing to put aside.

Costs of mounting a video wall differ significantly, but you should be able to find something within your possibilities. Remember that even if the investment seems larger at first, it is profitable in the long-term as you will be able to avoid all those small redecorations that slowly add up to quite an expense. The most important thing is to plan well and make a detailed research into different video walls available on the market.

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Don’t worry if your lounge is decorated with vintage or modern fashion, video walls can be integrated to fit different styles. A scroll down Pinterest is sure to give you an abundance of ideas for what you could do. Some of them are more daring than others but don’t be afraid to take risks, they often do pay off.

However, one idea that is not risky, but will definitely set your lounge apart from any other, is to think about playing silent artistic videos rather than displaying the classically preferred photography and paintings. This can give a breath of fresh air to your room and cause the ‘wow’ factor when your guests arrive. The video-clip can vary from something black and white to suit vintage or minimalist style to colorful modern art movies if you prefer the abstract.

Finally, the introduction of this specific technology to your life is not aimed at taking the focus away from your surroundings – like phones and laptops often do – but to expand the possibilities of what that environment can show. You can get access to masterpieces that you would otherwise be unable to display.

Moreover, another media becomes readily available for you to use as an artwork and you are free to change the works however often you like! We admit that mounting a video wall is rarely the first idea when it comes to redecorating a lounge in a home, but is it one worth close consideration.

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