Top Wedding Venues in Surrey and Cheshire That You Must Learn About


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Choosing a wedding venue is not easy and can be overwhelming sometimes. Below, you will find the top wedding venues we recommend for these 2 locations, Surrey and Cheshire. You should take your time and check them one by one until you decide which one is the perfect fit for your needs and requirements. 

Top 4 Wedding Venues Cheshire You Must Check 

  • The Oak Tree of Peover 

This is one of the nature-focused wedding venues Cheshire. If you prefer this type, then you must visit the location and check the wonderful countryside views. It also has a lot of natural lighting. And it is perfect for all the ceremonies and traditions. The romantic feel also makes it a perfect location for couples that love nature. You can also expect a professional and friendly team that will take care of all the needs of your guests. 

  • The Mere Golf Resort & Spa 

Placed in the countryside of Cheshire, the Mere is a magnificent location that can be used for grand weddings. The large space will allow you to invite as many guests as you may need. All the suites can be used as venues and each one can accommodate up to 550 guests. The golf resort also provides stunning views that are perfect for your wedding photos. Moreover the menu is created by award-winning chefs. You could even include a golf event in your wedding to make it a more novel experience. 

  • Clonter Opera Theatre 

This location is not focused on weddings alone. It is a venue that can be used for multiple purposes. But it has high popularity for weddings due to its quietness that will allow you enjoy a wonderful wedding day without the noise specific to cities. You will also have fewer problems ensuring the transport of your guests, as it is one of the wedding venues located near the train station and the motorway networks. It has many rooms with different functions and a massive auditorium that needs 400 people to fill it. 

  • Alderley Edge Hotel 

This hotel promises a wedding day that’s even better than most brides even expect to have. It provides many different attractions that are perfect for any wedding. You can expect a complete menu, wonderful views, great gardens that can be used for photo sessions, and a great bridal suite. Moreover, the food is sourced locally. So, you can expect a very healthy menu that you will be able to enjoy with your guests. Top-quality service combined with a natural touch will ensure that you and your guest are delighted with the experience provided. 

Top 6 Wedding Venues Surrey That Will Blow Your Mind

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  • Ravens Ait Island 

Do you want a unique experience for your wedding day? Then this is one of the wedding venues Surrey that will provide exactly that. A location that is specially prepared for weddings on a river island. You will be able to enjoy an idyllic view in a unique place while also getting top-notch services for your wedding day. Moreover, you can also expect personalised services that will meet all the needs and requirements that you and your guests may have. It is a very rare chance to have such a wonderful experience. And you should at least visit the location before you make your final decision. 

  • Oatlands Park Hotel

A very grand location, occupying 10 acres of land. A perfect place where you can have wonderful photos in the woodlands. Or you can also choose the magnificent gardens. Or you can even choose both. It is one of the venues that provides top-quality accommodation that can fit many guests, up to 350 guests, for your wedding. Some other of the services that you can expect is an exclusive wedding co-ordinator, special cake table, base and knife, toastmaster services, and even bed and breakfast for you and your partner. 

  • Hookhouse Farm 

Another one of the novel venues that you can check. A threshing barn made in the 17th century that was well maintained and now specialising in providing all the wedding services that you may need. So, you choose to have a wonderful wedding day celebrated in a similar setting as those of the past. A rare opportunity that anyone yearning for novel experience will jump on. You can also expect a lot of photos that will help you remember this magnificent day for the rest of your life. 

  • Kew Gardens

Are you a nature lover? Then what do you think about having your wedding day in 300 acres of botanical gardens? You can even choose from the large variety of wedding venues available in this location. Of course, you can expect any wonderful views and a full album of photos that will help you remember and showcase your wedding day forever. A top-notch wedding venue that’s perfect for many couples wishing for a natural and outdoor location for their wedding. 

  • Foxhills Club & Resort 

Focused on elegance, this resort provides several luxury services and it is a wonderful location, where you can invite a moderate amount of people. It can accommodate up to 160 people. So, it can’t be used for weddings with several hundred people. But it’s perfect for couples that are looking for quieter locations with good organisation and top-notch services such as an indoor swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzi, and even a golf course. 

  • De Vere Horsley Estate 

A very grand estate set in 70 acres of beautiful parkland. Invoking the romantic feelings of the past is the perfect wedding location for more traditional weddings. It prides itself in the ability to provide both grand receptions as well as more intimate ones. So, regardless of the type of wedding venue you are looking for, it is the perfect choice. The weddings team of the hotel also promises to ensure that your day will be unique and one of the best memories you will ever have. 

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