Top Ways to Protect Your Shop from Burglars



The world of retail is more competitive than ever. With so many different shopping avenues, some retailers are faced with tough decisions on how they should market their store and what will help them stay afloat in this challenging climate. Retailers can do their shops some justice by investing in strong security systems to deter burglars from entering your premises. Here are our top ways to protect your shop from burglars! 

Investing in a quality alarm system

An alarm system is the most important thing you need for protecting your shop from burglars as it will alert any passersby that there’s an intruder or burglar inside the store. This is especially crucial if you have a mall-based business as people will immediately notice when one of the stores goes on lockdown if its alarm system triggers. Alarm systems usually trigger through motion sensors, which detect the vibrations from a burglar’s movement and will sound an alarm.

It is important to invest in a quality alarm system that can send an alert to the police. As security experts at JMC Secure explained, this will help prevent most burglars from entering your premises and give you the chance to protect your shop. This system should also be monitored by you, the owner, through 24/7 video surveillance which is available in most systems for an additional monthly rate.

Ensuring that your business is fully secure during closing time

Closing time is when burglars are most likely to strike as they often have all day to scope out which shop they want to target and break into. Ensure you’re fully prepared for the closing time by having a proper locking system in place including deadbolts and latches on every door/window of your store so that there is no way a burglar can get in without breaking something or setting off the alarm system. This also includes rear doors, windows, and skylights!

A closed shop makes it easy for burglars to just enter through windows or doors without any resistance. That’s why it is important that your security systems, such as alarms and CCTV cameras, are active even when the store is closed to dissuade criminals from entering the premises.

Installing security cameras

Security cameras are a great deterrent as burglars would usually shy away from putting themselves on camera. It’s also a good way to gather evidence should someone break into your shop and you need to file an insurance claim because security footage can be used as proof of the burglary. If you have a mall-based store, having video surveillance will ensure that there’ll always be a watchful eye over you even when you’re closed for the night. A closed-circuit TV (CCTV) system is another great way to make your business more secure and protect it from burglars. 

CCTV cameras will give you the opportunity to view and monitor all activity in and around your shop, which makes it easier for you to see what’s going on at all times. CCTV systems are very inexpensive these days and are the perfect way to make your business more secure while also producing an excellent return on investment. This is because it allows you to protect your inventory from loss, see who’s coming in/out of your store, catch burglars red-handed, identify perpetrators, and support any legal cases that may arise.

Developing close relationships with law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement agencies such as police officers and inspectors visit stores frequently so it’s best to develop a good relationship with them. Knowing who they are and how to contact them will mean that should any emergency arise, they’d be able to respond quickly and efficiently, and burglars would be deterred from breaking into your shop thanks to their presence.

Having close relationships with law enforcement means you’re also able to improve security measures in your store by working together. Security is key in protecting your business from burglars, but it’s even more important to know who you can contact for help should the need arise.

Ensuring your store is well lit at night

Well-lit streets and alleys go a long way in dissuading burglars from breaking into your shop as it’ll be very difficult for them to remain hidden, giving them the perfect chance to get caught or run away from police officers who may spot them making an escape. It’s important that you ensure every street light near your store works as this will provide ample light during nighttime hours, which is when most break-ins occur. 

For added security, consider investing in some extra lighting around the perimeter of your business so that criminals are even less likely to come near it at night. Having sufficient lighting outside of your shop not only makes it easier for you to monitor activity around your store, but it also makes it easier for the police to find any suspicious activity around your shop. A properly lit business will be less likely to become a target of criminals as they wouldn’t be able to hide or escape easily.


There are a lot of different ways that you can protect your store from burglars. The four methods we’ve detailed will give you peace of mind in knowing your shop is safe and secure, no matter what time it is or how closed for business it may be at night. These tips should help keep any potential thieves away from your property!

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