Top Tips To Choose A Good Bed


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1. Consider The Size Of The Mattress

If you have an existing mattress that you adore, you’ll make the entire process of choosing a new frame much easier. The size of your bed will dictate the size of a bedframe you should be seeking. For instance, if you have a full-size mattress, you’ll want a double bed frame. Whereas, if you have a queen-size mattress, you need to look for frames that fit queen mattresses. You also want to ensure that you know the type of mattress you have if you have a king. There is a difference in size when comparing a California king and an eastern king. A bed frame that features compatibility with one might not be compatible with the other. Take a look at Sleep Number beds to find the perfect bed for you. If you’re purchasing a frame and a mattress from scratch, you’ll want to look at how much room you have available for it. Also, you need to factor in the size that would help you sleep most comfortably. You can continue reading more in our Bed Size Fact Sheet for the mattress dimensions you should be aware of when buying one.

2. Measure The Room Size

As mentioned, you need to factor in your room size when choosing. After all, your bed is likely to be the largest piece of furniture you add to your room. Because of this, you don’t want to buy a bed blindly without considering how much space it’ll take up. A good way to do this is by placing your mattress on the floor to figure out how much space you’re looking at having with your bed in your room. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily create an outline of the dimensions of beds you’re looking at with colored tape. If you find that you are limited in space based on the dimensions you’re looking at, you will want to opt for a smaller bed. A good way to minimize the wasted space in your room is by going for a basic metal frame that doesn’t protrude outwards to ensure your bed is only going to be as big as the mattress you get. A basic platform bed is another good option as you will be able to expand the storage options you have available by choosing a bed that features storage within it.

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3. Pick Between a Platform Bed and a Box Spring

With a lot of the platform beds in the marketplace, you won’t need a box spring. This can make a platform bed an ideal purchase for a lot of those looking to buy a new bed on a budget. While some platform beds can certainly accommodate a box spring if you are aiming to get it higher off the ground, you don’t necessarily need it. Choosing between a platform bed and a box spring can also be a question of how firm you like your bed to be. Some people prefer the harder surface of a platform bed to other alternatives. To get even more information about the different types of beds you can choose from, continue reading our FAQs About Platform Beds and FAQs About Box Springs.

4. Look At The Height and Bulkiness

If you are seeking a bed frame that has a much more elaborate and decorative style, you’ll want to opt for one that has some height to it like a canopy bed. If so, you’ll need to factor in the height of the bed. Thus, you should be measuring the space you have up to the ceiling. A taller bed is going to require a taller ceiling. Otherwise, you’ll find that your bedroom looks and feels smaller and more cramped than usual. You’ll want to do a good amount of measuring to ensure you are finding something that would fit. If you are aiming for a more bulky bed frame, you need to consider the width of the bed, as well. Also in relation to the style of bed frames, masculine bedrooms definitely tend to be cleaner in appearance. In other words, in terms of sizes and style, they aren’t the elaborate, ornate styles you might see in a female bedroom. Similarly, the beds for boys’ bedrooms should be chosen based on the space and style of the room. Keep in mind you may have to be disassembling and reassembling beds that are larger to fit them through the door of your bedroom. You don’t want to purchase a bed only to find out it doesn’t fit through your doorway. A simpler way to ensure that you get a bed that fits is by adding risers to your bed frame. Learn more in our guide on How to Use Bed Frame Risers.

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5. Match Your Decor

As mentioned previously, your bed and the frame are going to be the largest pieces of furniture in your room. Because of this, it will become the focal point as soon as someone walks in. Thus, you want to try to find a bed frame that meshes well with the decor. If you are aiming to create a warm and comforting feel with your bed frame, you may want to purchase one that is wooden and cozy looking. Whereas, if you are aiming for more modern and sleek decor, you might want one that features minimalist and clean lines. As soon as you’ve narrowed down what styles you should be looking at, you’ll want to do your due diligence and sort through the various options that you can choose from. For more inspiration, read Bedroom Styles For Your Home.

6. Create Versatile Rooms

When you are going about furnishing a kid’s room or even a room for guests, you’ll have a lot more options to choose from. You could opt for a daybed for a guest room which will allow you to maximize the space in the room for when you aren’t hosting anyone. A bed that features a trundle is a good option for hosting guests and for hosting your kid’s sleepovers. Whereas, bunk beds can be an ideal option for those with multiple kids. Reach here about FAQs About Bunk Beds and get our Top 5 Ideas For Guest Room Beds to get assistance when you are furnishing other rooms.

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