Top Tips for Packing Fragile Items to Ensure Zero Damage When Moving House


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Moving can be immensely hectic and stressful. If you have many fragile items, you can be worried, wondering if they will get safely to your new house. When you sit down to plan your move, you must set aside some extra time to think about how to pack and transport your fragile crockery, paintings, musical instruments, and more safely.

Make an Inventory

When you look around your house, you may realize that you have many more fragile items than you had imagined. It is, therefore, vital to make an inventory to ensure that you do not forget something in the chaos that typically happens during a moving exercise. The list will help you arrange the special packing materials and also ensure that you don’t miss out on anything when packing similar items. Making the inventory will also help you to club together similar items.

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Use Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap Liberally

The best way of protecting your fragile items is to pack them with liberal amounts of packing paper and bubble wrap for packing. Use the bubble wrap to provide a second level of protection to protect your goods. Fill up all the empty spaces between the items inside the moving box with crumpled packing paper so that the goods don’t shift and break, recommends Dearman Moving & Storage, a leading moving company.

Use a Variety of Box Sizes

Instead of buying packing boxes all of the same size, you should buy an assortment of sizes. By doing so, you can optimize their use and do not have to consume extra packing material to keep the items from moving around in a large box. You can pack the heavier but smaller items in small boxes while the lighter but larger items can be kept in the larger boxes. Another advantage of using boxes of assorted sizes is you can manage the space better in the vehicle. According to Forbes, color coding the boxes according to the rooms can help make unpacking smoother.

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Do Not Stuff Packing Boxes

While you should buy study boxes for moving fragile items, you must not put too many things in one box. Boxes that are too heavy tend to collapse, and if you drop one, you are liable to end up with many broken items. However, leaving too much space inside the boxes is not a good idea because the things inside will move around and may break if they hit each other hard. You should fit as many items the box can comfortably contain and then use packing materials to ensure a snug fit.


You mustn’t hurry with the packing of fragile items. Handle them gently, put them in suitably sized boxes, and use lots of packing materials for padding. It is better to wrap irregularly-shaped items in bubble wrap first, and then with soft cardboard for best results. Most importantly, you must label each box so that the unpacking process is easier. If the items are valuable, you should consider insuring them and entrusting their packing and moving to a professional moving company.

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