Top Steps to Plan for Remodeling Your House

Remodeling your house can be an adventure. Maybe not Tolkien like adventure, but still, it is a big thing. But before you rush out from your doorstep to the home improvement store just like Bilbo Baggins did in Tolkiens’ famous “The Hobbit”, you have to prepare a plan, investigate what kind of permits you’ll need, prepare a budget and do some research.

That’s a lot of things to do before you decide whether you want one of those farmhouse sinks in your kitchen and what colors your walls should be. Below you’ll find the most important steps on how to get your remodeling plan up and running.

One plan to rule them all

Creating an efficient and affordable plan will make your house rebuilding experience stress-free and exciting. First of all, prepare a project you want to go with and see what the local zoning regulations are, and what permits you might need to start your remodeling process. If you indeed need a permit, wait with the work until you get it, do not rush. Also, see what things you will be able to do yourself, and what will require a professional.

Okay, you have your permit, and your project is in accordance with all the regulations, what you need to do now is prepare a budget. This step is essential, especially if you want the whole process to be economical. Do not overestimate your budget. On the contrary, underestimate it. By doing this, you’ll be able to focus just on the things that are necessary, and you won’t be tempted to buy yourself pointless things like golden toilet seats or life-size pink elephant statues. It will also make your research much more efficient and quicker. Speaking of research.

Do your research

Do your research

In-depth research can truly be a blessing. It will help you save a few bucks, and also help your remodeling process to be more efficient. You should divide the research process into two separate parts.

First of all, find a suitable contractor. In this case, don’t do your research to be based on costs, but things like experience, licenses, and references. The process of finding a real professional can sometimes be hard, but choosing the right one will not only speed up the whole remodeling process but will also make it top-quality.

Secondly, look for the things you’ll need to turn your old house into the palace you’ve always dreamed of. Finding an affordable piece of furniture, paint you’ll use, and decorations you want can be great fun. Remember that horse-shaped lamp you saw in Ikea last week? The chances are that with a little research, you’ll be able to find it somewhere else and pay half the price. By scouring through the internet, thrift shops, and garage sales, you will be able to find amazing things at really low prices. You will save money, and have much more fun at the same time.

Put together a timeline

Put together a timeline

Okay, your plan is almost complete. The last thing you’ll need is a timeline. Building one will help you decide which steps you should take in the first place, and help you manage the process more effectively.

Make sure it’s realistic, and it contains all the time necessary for all the works that need to be done on time. Use your calendar and mark all the steps you make throughout the project so you won’t lose control over it. And also, remember that your timeline won’t look like the one in Extreme Makeovers. The process will take time, and by creating your own schedule and deadlines, you’ll help make it more efficient and fulfilling.

Let the fun begin

Now when the plan is complete, all you need to do is pack up and prepare yourself for the process. Remember that it may not be a walk in the park for the whole part, but creating a plan will definitely help in saving you time, money, and stress. Of course, you can hire an architect, sit back and relax for all the work to finish, but you’ll miss one of the greatest experiences in your life.

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