Top Maintenance Tips to Extend a Driveway’s Useful Life and Functionality


Extend a Driveways Useful Life and Functionality 2

Driveways are among the busiest yet most overlooked features of most houses. They need proper care, attention, and maintenance before they become discoloured, cracked, or damaged. Taking proper care of your driveways will extend their useful life and functionality. 

Homeowners must work with reputable driveways Cheshire contractors to ensure their driveways receive the right attention and care. They must seek local companies which can provide expert assistance and great deals. These companies will work closely with the homeowners to provide the best results possible, knowing their reputation among the locals is at stake. 

Preventing damage to driveways can be challenging, so here are a few maintenance tips to consider. 

Prevent deep cracks

Asphalt overlays and concrete will crack because of the vehicle’s weight and exposure of the driveway to the elements. The sun, rain, snow, and wind can cause material erosion, resulting in cracked driveway pavements that not only detract from its appearance but also compromise safety. Trees and shrub roots can also damage driveways, so homeowners must have them uprooted and transplanted somewhere else. 

Extend a Driveways Useful Life and Functionality

Fill cracks and gaps quickly

Homeowners who’re handy with tools can quickly fill driveway gaps and cracks. All they need to use is a concrete trowel to ensure that they remove any loose materials from the cracks before applying the crack and patch filler and compound. Once the material hardens, it’s time to seal the entire driveway again. Homeowners must ensure that the pavement is as level as possible to prevent tripping accidents. 

Plan for drainage

Driveways must have adequate drainage to ensure proper runoff when rain or snow melts. Homeowners can work with their contractors to design the right system or carve out a path around the edges to reduce the chances of water seeping through the structure. However, once water penetrates the driveway structure, there’s a huge chance that it’ll be unstable and may cause problems. 

Salt and de-ice properly

Depending on the driveway material, certain compounds aren’t supposed to be used to ensure the driveway remains safe and functional. For example, homeowners must refrain from salting concrete because the salt damages the material. Using a de-icing solution may also cause the same problem. Instead, use a snowblower or a snow plough to remove snow. Use coarse sand, kitty litter, coffee grounds and other materials on slippery driveways. 

Clean the driveway periodically

The driveway is constantly exposed to the elements. Particulates, dust, grime, and other debris can cause discolouration and compromise safety. Moreover, moulds, mildew, and other organic material can cause problems on driveway surfaces and make them slippery. Leaking oil from vehicles can also cause stains, so homeowners need to remove them quickly. Use a pressure washer or hire the services of professional driveway cleaners to revitalise the appearance and improve your driveway’s safety.

To ensure that the repair lasts, consulting a Blundell concrete driveway specialist or another experienced contractor in your area is highly recommended. These professionals have the expertise and tools to quickly fix cracks and gaps in a driveway, ensuring that it looks as good as new.

Extend a Driveways Useful Life and Functionality 2


Driveways need proper care, attention, and maintenance to prevent damage and extend their useful life. Property owners must seek professional help when necessary to ensure that their driveways remain fully functional. 

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