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In the same nature as a central heating and cooling system, a heat pump can heat as well as cool the household. The unit will pull the heat from cold air outside transitioning it to the inside in the cool months of the year. 

When the warmer months set in, it will perform the opposite by removing the heat from indoors and transitioning that to the outside. 

Heat pumps transition instead of generating heat, allowing for greater energy efficiency and a consistent temperature compared to a traditional furnace or air conditioning system. That can mean better climate control and comfortability.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

A heat pump is an energy-efficient system that provides a consistent, even climate in the home allowing comfort in extreme temperatures. The lifespan for these systems will depend on a few variables including its location and unit type but primarily how well it’s maintained.

As a rule, homeowners will perform simple tasks for basic care and upkeep in between annual or biannual preventive maintenance and inspection by a credentialed and reputable heat pump contractor such as Honest Abe Comfort Services

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Preventive maintenance is meant to keep heat pumps functioning at peak performance to minimize the need for repairs and extend longevity. Depending on its care, these systems can last as long as roughly 20 years for a modern unit. 

In most cases, the equipment will need to be replaced long before reaching the end of its expected lifespan. Here are a few signs that your unit needs either repairs or should be replaced.

Constant cycling

The heat pump will only be efficient if exposed to fresh, clear air. With dirty, blocked air filters, the system will need to work twice as hard to try to keep the house at the desired climate. That can mean it runs constantly resulting in premature wear and tear and more frequent repairs.

The temperature

If you’re receiving cold air while trying to get heat in the home, there could be an issue with the heat pump’s “electronic control board assembly.” This would be a reason to contact your repair contractor to assess the problem and make the necessary repairs to get the system back in operation.

Utility costs

When you notice utility costs are soaring above what you usually pay but you haven’t changed how you use the system, the heat pump is losing energy efficiency. You’ll need to determine the underlying cause. The first check should be the air filter to ensure it’s clean. 

Otherwise, a qualified technician should be contacted to diagnose the heat pump’s inefficiency issue.

Frequent repairs

When repairs become more frequent, and you start to notice that you’re repairing the same things repeatedly, the unit is nearing the end of its life cycle. It’s wise at this point to contact the heat pump repair and installation service to consult on replacing the system. 

The contractor is the most reliable resource to offer guidance and advice so you can make the most informed decision for a system that will meet your needs and fit your household. Go here for heat pump operating and maintenance guidelines.

Final Thought

Heat pumps require routine preventive maintenance and inspections annually or biannually with a trusted, qualified service contractor. With adequate care and upkeep the trained specialist will help minimize repairs or unexpected breakdowns and extend the longevity of your system.

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