Top Design Elements that Elevate Your Landscape into an Outdoor Oasis


Elevate Your Landscape 2

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, all without leaving the comfort of your home, then the best way to do just that is to invest in your outdoor space finally. If the only thing your backyard has to call its own is grass, you aren’t going to feel safe or at peace when you step outside. What you see around you will likely be your neighbors’ gardens, and you’ll also have minimal protection from heat and sun. 

That’s why landscaping is important. It helps you to distinguish your patch of land away your neighbors without building excessively tall fences. It also lets you add color, dynamism, and interest. A fully realized outdoor space is where you can sit and relax, where you can eat, drink, and be merry. It’s a delight to all of your senses. 

When you do this right, this space won’t just look great. It will feel great, add more livable space to your home, and increase your property’s value. 

To help you add oomph to your efforts, make sure that your landscaping design features these key elements.

Plant Bed Coverings 

One of the easiest ways to protect your garden from weeds while also adding a beautiful finishing touch is to add a covering. At a minimum, this should be mulch or woodchips. Mulch works to add nutrients to the soil over time, looks great, and can even help minimize the impact of direct sunlight on the soil (which can dry things out). If you want a brighter, neater-looking final design, you can pick up stones from a wholesale retailer. Wholesale is the best way to get the best deals on landscape supply in San Antonio, regardless of whether you’re going for mulch, stone, or something else entirely. 

Elevate Your Landscape 1

High, Medium, and Low Plants 

The best way to naturally add privacy and a sense of security to your outdoor space is to add high, medium, and low plants. Plant the tallest trees you have in the middle of your plant bed, but focus them around the exterior of your property line. Doing this will give you a natural barrier in the summer and a source of shade that can help your yard and even home cooler during heat waves. 

Medium plants refer to bushes and shrubs. If you can, try to install evergreen bushes that can be shaped into a natural fence just along your property line. You’ll need to wait a few years for them to grow up to a reasonable amount, but eventually, they’ll be the critical barrier that adds privacy to your space. Don’t forget other bushes as well. Pepper these between your trees to draw the eye down. Make sure that the species you choose work well with the trees you’ve planted. You want all your plants to work in harmony together, not compete. 

Finally, flowers. Adding flowers closest to your lawn and within eyesight is a great way to easily and naturally add pops of color to your space. 

Irrigation and Lighting 

Just as you can’t have a home without plumbing and electricals, the same applies to your finished landscaping design. Adding an irrigation system makes caring for your plants so much easier. Lights, especially around your patio and in your tree line, not only make your space useful throughout the day but also helps you see and enjoy your design day or night. As a plus, this is a great safety measure.

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