Top Advantages of Using a HVLS Fan at Your Industrial Facility

The HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fan is a relatively new type of fan that has been on the market for about five years or so. It’s basically designed to improve upon the functionality of standard ceiling fans. The reason they’ve become such a hot item is because they have been specifically designed for high-volume operation in low-noise environments, like factories and warehouse settings.

Here are some of the top advantages of HVLS fan:

  1. They’re great for industrial use. These fans were specifically designed for large businesses and warehouses, where the majority of the air movement in the area will be caused by compressed air. Because of this, their high efficiency is a huge factor in how much power they can save a business. In addition, if you plan to run the HVLS at a decent indoor temperature most of the time, then it will help keep your factory or warehouse from ever becoming too cold. The HVLS is an ideal choice for heating and cooling in this setting because they’re designed for use in even the coldest indoor environments.
  2. These will save you money. While the initial cost might be a little higher than other types of ceiling fans, the overall cost will prove to be much cheaper over time. For example, instead of paying for a high-efficiency air filter every few months, you’ll only have to purchase one once every three months or so. This means not only more savings on your HVLS budget but also a significant reduction in the amount of money you have to spend on replacement filters. The savings don’t just stop there, as the HVLS can actually help reduce your energy bill.
  3. They’re very easy to install. Unlike ceiling fans, HVLS are extremely easy to install. Most models come pre-assembled and you can usually read detailed instructions that will walk you through the process step-by-step. This also means that you won’t have to pay the high labor costs that are associated with putting in ceiling fans. If you’re thinking about installing HVLS yourself, think again. Most homeowners find the process to be too complicated and simply hire someone to do it for them.
  4. They can offer you many benefits. When compared to your ordinary ceiling fan, the biggest advantages offered by HVLS include low noise output. In fact, they produce less than 0.35 decibels of noise which is very close to the zero decibel levels recommended by the American Air Safety Association. In addition, HVLS fans have a high efficiency rating, which means that they’ll use less electricity than other types of fans. In short, this means that you’ll be significantly more eco-conscious when it comes to cooling your home.
  5. Health Benefits. In addition, you won’t have to worry about dangerous dust or allergens getting blown around your home. Many people suffer from allergies, and high-powered ceiling fans don’t help that fact any. Since they’re not efficient at pulling in dust, they can actually blow up dust and allergens around your household.


With all of these benefits offered, it’s no wonder that the HVLS ceiling fans are so popular. After all, what homeowner doesn’t want to give his or her home the high-efficiency air conditioning of the future? If you’re thinking about installing one of these fans, it’s important that you read a comprehensive HVLS fan guide before you do so. These guides will go over the basics of how the system works and the best places to install it.

An HVLS fan guide is an excellent way to get started. You’ll be able to learn about the most common types of fans, how they work, and the best places to install them. Once you’ve read the guide, you’ll know exactly what to look for and where to buy, saving you money. Remember: if you’re planning to buy HVLS ceiling fans, then you need to make sure that you’re buying the HVLS branded ones from Refresh Fans.

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