Top Advantages of Having a Turf Putting Green in Your Home



You may be busy with work or life in general. However, there are moments where you can relax and enjoy yourself. If you are someone who fancies yourself as a golf enthusiast, you might be concerned that your game might be getting rusty.

That’s where turf putting greens come into the picture. You can add one in your home and enjoy it to your advantage. Use free time you may have to sharpen your overall game or have fun with the family. This guide will also go over the top advantages of having a turf putting green. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the list.

1. Year-round accessibility

One of the best advantages of having a turf putting green in Sacramento (be it at home or your office) is you can access it year-round. Even better, it’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at home.

Why? Because it’s yours that’s why. Only you can decide when you want to use it.

Here’s the great part – you can use your turf putting green indoors. Whether it’s too hot or wet, it won’t slow you down. Just get out your putter and start practicing.

No need for weather or a busy schedule to hamper things. Especially when you want to just play around.

2. Low maintenance, but high enjoyment

Turf is artificial compared to natural grass. Of course, you won’t want the latter in your home because of the mess it makes. At the same time, you won’t need to mow it, water it, or fertilize it. 

That’s the beautiful part of having it indoors. Can you put it outside if you want to? That’s up to you – and not to worry about weather damaging it because it’s resilient enough to deal with it.

Regardless, it’s low maintenance to the point where you don’t have to worry about a thing. Furthermore, you’ll be having an excellent time whenever you or even your family use it for a little round of putt-putt golf. Who says a putting green has to be used just for practicing your game?

3. It’s got great aesthetic appeal

If you are looking for something that looks great, a turf putting green just might be something to add to your home – indoors or outdoors. It will be a vibrant kind of green that will look well-maintained and lush. You may be looking at it thinking “wow, this might have upped the curb appeal a bit”.

Nevertheless, you can make your home more inviting with the inclusion of a putting green. Don’t be surprised if your neighbor is up for a game of putting. After all, how fun can it get?

4. Health and wellness benefits

It may not be a workout akin to heavy weight lifting. But it does involve walking, swinging, and focus. Talk about a workout both for your physical and mental well-being.

A putting green just might be one of the best things to include in your regular fitness routine. Especially if your goal is to stay active, relieve stress, and improve concentration. It is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a putting green you can include in your home or backyard.

This may be a good thing to have in your home if you’re too far from a gym. It can be something where you can spend minutes per day – enjoying both a nice brisk workout along with a mix of personal enjoyment. Doesn’t get any better than that, does it? 

5. Increased property value

We’ve touched on this earlier when we discussed aesthetic appeal. If you’re a homeowner in the Sacramento area that wants to increase their value (especially before selling), the addition of a putting green could be one of those excellent options. It may even be one of your best selling points since it adds luxury and versatility.

While putting greens are great for personal enjoyment, it will be great for your property as well. Who knows? Maybe the person who purchases the home you’re selling is a golf enthusiast too.

So you may or may not be leaving them with a nice “welcome gift”. That just might be the biggest sign of respect between two golf lovers.

6. Entertainment for ages

Turf putting greens can be used for people of all ages. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you can have a whole ton of fun with the family playing rounds of putting golf. Thinking of it as mini-golf but without having to travel a long distance.

You can bring out the putters and each takes turns putting. This can be a load of fun for the entire family, even a little friendly competition between you and a few others during a house party. Either way, a turf putting green will certainly kill off any boredom.

7. It’s environmentally friendly

One final advantage of a turf putting green is that it can be environmentally friendly. Meaning you won’t need to use water, fertilizers, or even pesticides. Sustainability is the name of the game here.

You save water and won’t worry about having to waste it. In fact, don’t be surprised if people with putting greens get them not just for the sake of entertainment, but also keeping within their values and beliefs when it comes to a better environment for all of us.

Final Thoughts

A putting green will look great on your property or in your home. You get to enjoy these seven benefits listed above. SGW Sacramento is your go to place to install a putting green on your home property.

We have all kinds of green choices for you to choose from including Nylon Putt 2-Tone, True Putt, and others. Best of all, you have something that will last you a long time thanks to our 8 year warranty. You can have all the fun you want and then some.

Want to learn more about what we can do for your home? Contact SGW Sacramento today at 916-797-0682 and we’ll discuss your options.    

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