Top 7 Job Roles of Commercial Locksmith


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With the increasing theft and burglary around the place, security is a concern for everyone. 

Businesses of all sizes fall victim to thefts despite their size and type. And it’s not just limited to business. Homes, schools, no place is safe. We keep hearing stories of places being targeted by criminals. As the number of thefts and crimes keeps increasing, it raises concern over the security measures we adopt in your homes and offices. What’s sad is that many businesses suffer significant losses that can never return to their earnings.

If you, too, run a business or are concerned about the security of your home, the first and foremost priority should be driven towards the security measures in your place. A way of doing it is using high-security locks! It offers a robust line of defense against criminals! And to do so, a commercial locksmith is your reach of contact. They work on building the perfect locking system and offer various services, such as installing strong security locks, repairing them, and providing access to these locks in case you lose the keys.This article will discuss who commercial locksmiths are and their job roles. 

Who Are Commercial Locksmiths? 

Locksmith is one of the oldest professions in the world’s history. It dates back to 400 years in Egypt, where professionals were hired to keep valuable assets safe. Over the years, their definition and roles have evolved. They now look after providing a better and stronger looking mechanism. Commercial locksmiths are seized to keep your business safe by offering the best security possible. In the case of the safety of your home, a residential locksmith is a better job. 

However, commercial locksmiths are related to business security purposes. They offer their professional services to businesses on a large scale. Their job involves opening and changing locks and ensuring you have the best security system. They help you install electronic and digital locks. Further, they help you with the master key system and educate you on the access control systems. 

Roles of Commercial Locksmith 2

Job Roles of Commercial Locksmith

There are various instances in your day-to-day life when you might want to call a commercial locksmith. And the truth is, you don’t call them only for your business’s security installation and period maintenance! These professionals are trained to work around security issues faced by businesses daily. When running a business, you’ll likely face issues with your locks, keys, files, cabinets, etc. To safeguard your valuable property, you need commercial locksmiths. 

Let’s look at their major job roles: 

Lock installation

Your business might change its security system repeatedly to ensure tight security. A commercial locksmith helps you install a new lock on your business. And the best part is, they don’t install any locks. Firstly, they study your business security system and the importance of security in specific areas, suggest locks accordingly, and install them for you. They have an idea for different types of locks and help you choose the best one for your business. They also offer the best locking mechanism for different doors based on the level of risk. For example, the lock security on the main gate might differ from the lock in the kitchen. 

Lock and Key Repair and Maintenance

To ensure the security is as strong as ever, you will need timely repair and maintenance to upkeep the system. Regularly using these locks and keys sometimes results in malfunction, jam, or break, compromising your business security. To avoid such a situation, you contact locksmith professionals who can repair and maintain these lock systems for your business. 

They also check these locks for any issues that might turn later into potential problems and fix them before they occur. 

Lock Replacement Or Rekeying

There are times in your business operation when your locks might have to get replaced or rekeyed based on various situations. The commercial locksmith offers the services of replacing and rekeying them as necessary. Replacing locks could be changing the existing lock to a new one. Businesses usually do it to upgrade their security level. Rekeying is when the locks are kept as they are, but just a few adjustments are made by changing the keys. Rekeying usually requires an understanding of various coping mechanisms and the right tools. Only a locksmith can do the job for you without interfering with the security of your business. 

Replacement Or Additional Keys

When the existing keys are lost or misplaced, the businesses usually lose the chance to tighten the security system. When the keys are lost, there’s always a fear that an authorized person can access the business premises. You might have lost the key, but the reality could be different. 

So, a commercial locksmith is hired to replace the existing key with a new one without changing the lock. Contacting commercial locksmiths who excel in their job roles is better when replacing the lock. 

Security Upgrades

Professional commercial locksmiths are well-versed in the latest advancements and technology in the security space. They study this security approach. Due to their study, they are often aware of the standard practices of burglars and intruders. So, a business can enhance its security by contacting commercial locksmiths. They can recommend the best locks, overriding a loophole in the system that criminals might exploit. These days, criminals and burglars are getting smarter by the day, and to fight against that, your security system should also be a thing. Locksmith advises clients to upgrade their security system upon need. 


Lockout Response

Commercial lockouts are more common than expected. It’s not you who can crack the security and enter the premises. If you forget or misplace the keys, the lock malfunctions, or get stuck and broken, you reach out to a commercial locksmith. You must contact a commercial locksmith when locked out of your business premises. You can’t shut down your work and send employees home. Instead of panicking in the situation and forcefully trying to open the door, you can contact a locksmith. They have ideas about these security approaches to help you in the station. They are trained to deal with lockouts. They come with the necessary tools, unlock the doors for you, and get your work on track. 

Master Key System

A master key system allows businesses to gain access through a master key while maintaining the security of all individual rooms. It eliminates the need to carry around many keys for every room. A business hires commercial locksmiths who can create a master key for your business that works for all the rooms. A master key system helps simplify the process without compromising the security of a business. Commercial locksmith helps prepare a master key that is affordable for your business security needs. 

Digital Lock Installation and Servicing

Since the world has gone digital, locks are digital. They no longer require a physical key to gain access. More and more businesses have a digital lock system as they understand its importance and high security. Commercial locksmiths can help you not only with traditional locks but modern lock systems as well. Upon request, they install the digital lock on your business premises and perform regular servicing. 


You need to be well aware of the services of commercial locksmiths to contact them upon necessity. To sum it up, a commercial locksmith offers your business all sorts of security features, from installing a lock to maintaining and replacing it. Further, they are your point of contact in case of a lockout. They can also help you prepare a master key. Many prefer contacting locksmiths to study the security features of using the most robust lock and safeguarding their property. Now that you know their service, you know who to call when you encounter any situations!

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