Top 5 Winter Warmers


Winter Warmers

With the nights drawing in, and the temperature dropping, take a look at this article for ideas on how to keep yourself cozy this winter with these five heating tips.


Treat yourself to a luxurious throw. These are brilliantly versatile and can be used as a blanket in bed, or on the couch in the evenings, whilst watching TV. They are also great to add a bit of color or texture to your soft furnishing, so double up as an interior design feature as well. There are hundreds of materials, designs and sizes to choose from. A cotton throw is warm, comfortable and easy to maintain, and materials like wool and Sherpa are also great for extra warmth and insulation



Usually the most common form of heating, radiators are great at warming up a whole room or area. They can also be controlled via thermostat, so you have total control over when the heating is on, and how hot it will be. If you’re looking to update your radiator, Warmrooms has a huge selection and allows you to narrow your search by size, output and even color. This makes it easy to choose, which will be right for you, your budget and your space.

Heat packs

Great for when you’re outdoors, heat packs are small, portable warmers that are great for your hands, feet or any other cold or sore areas. They can be single-use or reusable depending on the type and ingredients. Some are air-activated, and some rely on chemical reactions inside the packet. Because of their size, they are perfect for slipping in your bag and pocket and use whenever. They don’t rely on electricity or anything extra; everything they need to work is in the packet. Perfect for those chilling morning walks or firework displays!

Wearable Blanket

Wearable Blanket

Wearable blankets are essential. More flexible than a onesie and just as comfortable, brands like Oodie have perfected the duvet day. There are plenty of designs and sizes to choose from, and they also made brilliant Christmas or birthday gifts. Many also have hoods and pockets for extra comfort. You can find hoodie style blankets or full-length styles with sleeves. The materials also vary, so you can choose how warm you need yours to be, and if you need any extra layers, some also come with a layer of Sherpa. Sherpa fleece is an excellent insulator and is made to mimic the sheep wool worn by the Sherpa people of Nepal.

Microwaveable bags

Another great reusable warmer is a wheat bag or toy that can be heated in the microwave. These can be used repeatedly, and sometimes even frozen to act an ice pack. Many also have a lavender scent, which helps with relaxation and sleep. They are ideal for children, as they can double up as toys which make them another great gift. The wheat bags are really helpful for aches and pains, as well as warmth, as they can target certain areas as an alternative to creams and painkillers. 

These are just a few options to keep you warm this winter. There’s a huge variety of products, prices and sizes so that you can find something suitable for you. They also all make great gifts, so it might help you also with your Christmas shopping too!

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