Top 5 Things to Splurge on in the Home


Things To Splurge on in the Home 3

As a homeowner, do you ever wonder what upgrades would be a waste of money and which are worth the cost? Renovations and other upgrades can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so you need to have some certainty about what you choose to do. Fortunately, some things are always worth splurging on.

1. Covered Sunrooms

What is it about sunrooms Tampa residents love? Sunrooms are filled with sunshine and light. They merge the inside of your home with the outdoors while protecting you from the elements. At the hottest point of a summer afternoon, an air-conditioned sunroom allows you to enjoy the sun without compromising comfort.

Sunrooms come in different forms, including:

  • Glassed-in rooms
  • Screen rooms
  • Attached greenhouses

Deciding where you want the sunroom is the first choice to make in the planning process. Southern exposure will give you the lightest throughout the day, but it will also be the hardest to cool in the summer. Eastern exposure, on the other hand, will give you sun in the morning but shade throughout the day. For getting the best sunroom for your needs, be sure to contact a professional screen room contractor.

2. Upgraded Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of the home. Dated kitchens are not only unsightly, but sometimes they’re inefficient too. Are your appliances energy efficient? Can your family easily cook and prepare meals together?

Budget before you upgrade. A mid-range kitchen remodel can cost up to $80,000, whereas an upscale kitchen remodels may cost about $158,000. Most remodels, however, cost between $14,000 and $40,000. No matter your choice, most kitchen upgrades are worth the price.

Determine whether you want to change the layout. To change the whole layout, you have to gut the kitchen first. If you just want to change the flooring, countertops and style, there may be less work involved.

3. Heated Flooring

Some people avoid heating flooring, fearing it will cost them extra on their heating bill throughout the year. Floors retain their heat better than the rest of your home. It takes less energy to heat the floor than heat the air around you. If you love the comforting feeling of warm floors under your feet, then heated flooring is worth the extra cost.

Heated flooring comes in two forms; electric and hydronic. The electric flooring is easier to install and has DIY options. Hydronic flooring heats larger areas than electric and requires a more complex setup.

4. Walk-in Bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs are soaking tubs built large enough to submerge your torso and lower body while seated on a bench. Often, people with mobility issues prefer the tub because it allows them to bathe safely.

While a walk-in bathtub makes bathing convenient and safe, but it also improves your health in other ways. If you are someone who suffers from painful conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia, submerging in warm water can alleviate the symptoms. Additionally, walk-in tubs improve circulation to aid those with mobility problems.

No matter who you are, a warm bath can provide relaxation and stress relief to anyone. Many walk-in tubs also come with features to aid in relaxation. For example, your tub may have jets, massage or hydrotherapy features.

5. Upgraded Lighting

If you don’t have adequate light in your house, it can decrease your mood and energy level. Poor lighting is a direct contributor to depression and other mental health issues. Think about how your home’s lighting affects your moods. While natural light is important, also think about your fixtures.

Recessed lighting is popular in most homes because it does not protrude from the ceiling. It blends in with most designs and utilizes different angles and spreads. Chandeliers can provide a wide array of luminous elements but tend to work best if they are the focal point. For instance, chandeliers installed in the foyer or the dining room are the most effective. Other fixtures include ceiling lights, sconces and track lighting.

Things To Splurge on in the Home 2

In addition to fixtures, features can alter how the lighting looks in your home. Most people like to have options and control over their lighting. Odds are you do not need the same amount of lighting at all times. There will be moments when you need to dim the lights or when you need to have them at full brightness.

Splurge on Elements You Love

Think about your dream home. What elements would create the overall look and feel that you want? There are so many ways to invest in your property, many of which are worth it. When it comes to splurging on your home, you cannot go wrong when you choose updates that increase your home’s value and overall quality of life.

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