Top 5 Kitchen Design Types



A top-notch kitchen should have an incredible design but must also be practical so that your cooking sessions can go on smoothly. For this reason, it is crucial to make sure you get the right kitchen layout. This way, you will have a perfectly organized place, but also one you will fall in love with.

There are different designs that you can go for, but in the end, what you settle for depends on your preferences, but also the size of your kitchen. You may not know which design would work best for your space, and for this reason, we will present you with 5 kitchen design types that can fit various kitchen sizes. If you want this process to be easy, you can just buy ex display kitchens in the design and size that fits your home.

1. Farmhouse


Farmhouse kitchens are just great, especially for people who want to go for something that looks a little more traditional. The best thing about farmhouse kitchens is the fact that they bring a lot of natural light while offering a lot of open space. You have the opportunity to combine warm colors to achieve a welcoming space. The country touch of this design is what makes it so unique.

“The farmhouse kitchen is all about open space and natural light,” says Sara on “Light, warm colors and soft honey neutrals combine with wide sinks and large islands to create a space that is comfortable and inviting. The farmhouse kitchen is a lot like the traditional kitchen, but with a bit of country flair!”

2. L-Shaped Kitchens

Whether you have a small or a large kitchen, the L-shaped design is something that will fit anywhere. It is a design that brings more flexibility and makes sure the place is practical. L-shaped kitchens arrange cabinets along two perpendicular walls, while the homeowner has to think of some clever ways to add cabinetry in the corner to make the space practical.

You can install a walk-in pantry cupboard in the corner, for instance. It will make the area more useful and will allow every part of the room to be used to its maximum. Adding a touch of elegance and simplicity, learn more about what are shaker style cabinets and how you can incorporate them in your L-shaped kitchen design. These cabinets, known for their distinctive and minimalist design, can complement almost any kitchen decor, providing a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

3. Island Kitchens


Island kitchens are great for people who want more storage space. The best part about them is that you get a large storage area right in the middle of your kitchen. On top of that, the same area serves as a large working surface.

You can play around with the island so it includes different things that you may need. For instance, it can include a wine fridge, prep bowls, and other things. You can prepare your food on it or serve delicious meals with your family members.

The one thing to keep in mind, though, is that you will need a larger kitchen in order to get this design. For this reason, it works best in open-plan homes. After all, you need some traffic flow in your kitchen as well.

4. Rustic

Rustic kitchens help bring a more vintage look to your house. But in order for this design to work, it needs to match the rest of the house, so make sure you consider this.

If you go for this style, you need to play around with brushed metals and vintage cabinets, as well as some darker colors. It will definitely add personality to any kitchen.

“Rustic kitchen styles bring a real personality to the rest of your home, but this type of style must also fit well with the rest of your home,” says kitchen designer on “Vintage cabinets, darker colors, brushed metals, and distressed furniture detailing are what make a rustic kitchen cozy.”

5. Galley Kitchen


Galley kitchens allow you to make use of cabinets in a much better way. This is because there are two rows of cabinets in these kitchens, and the cabinets are facing each other. As such, there will be no cupboards in the corners. Every single bit of space will be used in order to make sure nothing is being wasted. It’s a cheaper design to achieve because it is not complicated, and there are also fewer gadgets.

Final Thoughts

Since you spend so much time in the kitchen, you need to make sure it has the most appealing and practical design for you. Choose one of the above styles depending on what look you’re trying to achieve, but consider your kitchen size, as well.

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