Top 5 Healthcare Technologies of 2021


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The healthcare industry was speeding at a slow speed before the pandemic. From home improvement to healthcare, Covid19 shapes all the industries heavily. Today we will discuss five healthcare technologies that are trendy in the market now.

Firstly, the telemedicine industry got a massive boost during the pandemic. The market was there before the pandemic, but the patients were not interested that much. During the pandemic, they have no way but to take services from these platforms. Thus, it has become a regular thing now, and this market will be about $186.5 billion by 2026.

Secondly, on-demand healthcare is another trendy tech in the healthcare sector. With the advancements of modern technology, we have plenty of options now. Connecting patients with Healthcare Recruitment Agencies with the help of a mobile app or website is called on-demand healthcare. Sometimes, home visits in real-time are also referred to as on-demand healthcare. It is like ordering a taxi or food online. On-demand healthcare services create opportunities for doctors who are looking for some extra income. In most cases, on-demand platforms cost less than our regular hospitals. Thus, the number of users is increasing day by day.

Thirdly, there are no such fields where artificial intelligence and machine learning do not have an impact. The healthcare industry has been utilizing the benefits of using artificial intelligence and machine learning for quite a time now. The result of most critical surgeries depends on the perfectness and delicateness of every detail. In these cases, robotic surgery is the best option right now. It is challenging for human hands and instruments to work in congested spaces of the human body. However, a robot can do it with ease, and there is less chance for error. As a result, artificial intelligence and machine learning involvement in the healthcare industry is rising forwards.

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Fourthly, we all are familiar with the term IoT or Internet of Things. Similarly, the era of IoMT, aka Internet of Medical Things, has begun. IoMT is the system where medical devices and applications are connected to healthcare IT systems with the help of cloud networks. IoMT tools are directly involved in many healthcare operations like tracking illness, preventing illness, etc. There was a time when fitness bands and trackers were used by fitness freaks only. Nowadays, the scenario has changed, and people of different ages use it as a regular gadget. These trackers are operated via IoMT tech and can transmit data to various platforms like Healthcare Recruitment Agency. Thus, it can say if there is any complication in your body or any unusual pattern in your body. Because of these reasons, IoMT is one of the most trending technologies right now.

Lat but not the least, 3D printers can deliver us a product the way we design. 3D models of our body parts look natural and can play a vital role in training future doctors. Intern doctors are not always capable of handling an actual operation. Here, 3D models can help them to practice beforehand and prepare themselves for the real one. Besides, 3D printers can create low-cost prosthetics as well. Similarly, it can produce other medical logistics in those areas where they are not available. At present, the market of medical 3D printing, including hardware, software, services, is about $1.25 billion, and it is expected to be $6.08 billion within 2027, according to SmarTech Analysis.

Finally, these five healthcare technologies are ruling the market now, and they will keep leading in the years to come. It does not matter whether you are related to home improvement or healthcare, you should keep an eye on these techs.

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