Top 4 Indicators of a Blocked Drain – And How to Prevent Them


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For many homeowners, a blocked drain is a nightmare. When water does not drain correctly, it can cause a variety of issues beyond your drainage system. Fortunately, clogged drains can give you warning signals before they stop working entirely.

You can detect and prevent a blocked drain before the issue becomes a plumbing disaster. We’ve brought together some of the most experienced plumbing professionals to provide you with the top 4 warning signs of a blocked drain and advice on how you can prevent it from becoming a disaster. 

The 4 Signs of a Blocked Drain Are:

  1. The Drain is Overflowing 

  2. The Water Takes Too Long to Drain Away

  3. You Have a Smelly Drain

  4. Your Drain is Making a Strange Noises

The Drain is Overflowing

The most obvious indicator that your drains have a blockage is when the water in your sink isn’t draining away or the toilet overflows when flushed. Because water cannot flow freely through the pipes, it backs up, causing the water level to rise and spillover. 

In some circumstances, using a plunger to clear a blockage is sufficient. However, if this doesn’t work, a professional plumber is recommended. Sometimes a plunger can be a temporary fix, and if the issue keeps reoccurring, you may need some professional advice to fix your drain. 

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The Water Takes Too Long to Drain Away

The draining of water from the surface of your sink or shower should only take a few seconds. When emptying bathtubs and toilets, the water should generate a whirlpool to show that it is continually flowing. If they take longer than normal, it means there is an obstruction or additional debris in the pipe.

You Have a Smelly Drain

If the area surrounding your kitchen sink, shower, bathtub, or toilet begins to smell, there is a blockage in your pipes. Food, hair, and other solid objects that get trapped in the pipes can collect waste and amass over time. If left untreated, they will disintegrate and distribute bad odours back through the pipe holes, stinking up the immediate area and eventually dispersing to the rest of your home. 

Your Drain is Making Strange/Gurgling Noises 

When you drain water from your sink or take a shower, do you hear a gurgling sound? Then it’s time to have your pipes examined. Water flow disturbances, especially when the pressure is strong, cause this sound. When water does not run straight down the pipeline, it makes a noise when it hits whatever is lodged in it.

Preventing Your Drains from Getting Clogged

As the old expression goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

To prevent your drains from getting blocked, avoid putting anything down them that’s not water-soluble. Any food, grease, and non-flushable objects can get stuck in your pipes and obstruct the flow of water. Any blockage increases the chances of a further build-up of foreign objects, eventually leading to a complete blockage.

The best way to prevent your drains from getting clogged is to get them inspected by a professional plumber. It’s recommended to get a plumbing check-up every 3-4 years. The licensed block drain specialist at Jetset Plumbing will check your pipes and all your other plumbing to let you know if anything requires attention.

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