Top 3 Trending Flowers To Gift On Occasions

Top 3 Trending Flowers To Gift On Occasions

Flowers aren’t just a product of a plant or a thing pulled out of the stem of a tree or a plant, they are emotion, many flowers depict different emotions. If you are in love or if you like someone romantically, the first thought in your mind is that you must give a flower to the person to impress them and grab their attention. If you are in a work environment, there are a lot of plants available that claim to increase productivity and peace of mind. These flowers are available in the market and you can grab them and use them to get things done and express an emotion that may stay with you till your last breath. Some companies deliver flowers of your choice to your doorstep, you can visit  Mordialloc Florist – birthday flowers in Melbourne to order flowers that you like and they will deliver them at your doorstep.

  • Rose- The Flower Of Love:


Some flowers have a specific purpose and they leave a certain impact on an individual. Even if given as a present, these flowers leave a certain feeling in the accepter’s mind and heart. Rose is that kind of a flower. It is a mark of love and affection. If you want to impress someone romantically, you may think of giving them roses as a gift. Roses are also used to show their affection towards the elderly and superiors. As a sign of love, rose petals are rained on the couples in marriages and ceremonies.

  • Lotus- The  Flower Of Respect:

Lotus blossoms

As you might have read above that rose is the flower of love and some flowers leave a certain impact on your life. In this section, you will know about the lotus flower. The flower of the lotus is a symbol of respect if you see it in a broad spectrum. We can see in our daily lives that the lotus flower is given to someone whom you respect or whom you want to show respect. In-office ceremonies and professional parties, lotus flowers are given to colleagues and superior workmates as a mark of respect and dignity. Lotus is also a very vibrant and widely used flower. It also sometimes acts like a flower of love just like a rose. It is an all-rounder in the flower fraternity.

  • Lavender- The Flower Of Happiness:


We have seen the flower of love rose and the flower of respect lotus, but the flower that stands out in the flower community is lavender. Lavender is famous for being used mainly in home fresheners and perfumes. Lavender is generally used in deodorants and perfumes made for a female. Lavender has a calming and feel-good kind of smell that can lighten the mood of an individual.

In the end, we got to know that the flower of love, the flower of respect, and the flower of happiness should be used in their particular usage situations to set the vibe of the night and better the mood.

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