Top 10 Home Office Ideas for 2020

Working from home is something that not many people do and is often seen as a dream for many people. After all, who wouldn’t want to have to avoid the stress and hassle of commuting to work each morning on crowded buses, trains and roads. 

Some types of profession such as a graphic designer, accountant or web developer don’t always need to be done in a specific location such as a studio or office, and in most cases, all you would need was a decent laptop or desktop computer and a good internet connection.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

However, the Covid-19 outbreak completely changed the working landscape, and companies and businesses all over the world had to follow new guidelines in relation to work. Many people were not allowed to travel and work from the company office, and had to work from home. 

Where once the concept of the home office was something only for a select few, it soon became something that was applicable to people from all types of work. Bankers, teachers and other professions where there was constant contact with members of the public were all not being restricted, due to the need to socially distance, and instead people were being asked to work from their homes instead.

Ideas for your home office

When it comes to setting up your office at home, there are loads of great ideas out there that can inspire and motivate you into creating a practical and great looking workspace. Whether you find inspiration from the workspaces of famous photographers or architects, or simply something you’ve seen in a magazine, you can create your own perfect home office in no time at all. In the rest of this article, we will take a look at some of the top ideas for home offices.

Home Office Ideas1

Energizing colours

If you are able to allocate an individual room for your home office, rather than a corner in your living room, then it’s a great opportunity to go with some vibrant and energizing colours such as shades of purple or pink. Combined with some funky artwork and you could have an inspiring place to work from.

Low partition walls

If you don’t have a separate room for your home office then one solution would be a low partition wall, which can create the element of a separate room, without actually cutting that portion off from the rest of the room. 

Green elements

Sometimes we need to have a bit of the outdoors join us inside, and a great way to do that is with leaf prints, which can turn a corner office into a colourful garden area – a perfect solution for those cold dark winter months.

Standing desk

If you are someone who is going to be sitting down at your desk for hours on end each day, then why not consider going for a standing desk. They are a great way to work and mean you are able to move about a little more without being stationary on your backside for hours on end.

Multiple screens

Sometimes your work means that you need to be working with different programs at the same time. This can be a hassle switching from one to the other, which is where having multiple screens comes in hand. There are a number of desks that you can find that can cater for two or more screens, rather than you finding a way to balance them on a small sized desk or unit.

Home Office Ideas3

Family friendly

If you have young children, who could pop into your home office at any minute, why not consider setting up a small desk for them as well. Make sure you have plenty of paper and a selection of markers, and they can have something to do while you continue with your work.

Open shelving

Being organized is vital to being productive in your home office, where you may already have a number of other distractions. Having your notes, equipment or folders visible at all times means that you can quickly find what you may need, rather than waste time opening drawers or other units.

Hiding the clutter

If your home office is a small space, then clutter will be a natural occurrence. Some people find a lot of clutter very distracting, so a quick way to conceal it can be done with some tall curtains. Simply allocate a clutter corner, where all your bits and pieces will reside, and then hide them.

Dark colors

Some people prefer darker colours to bright ones, and a popular theme for home offices is the black or dark grey look. Most office chairs and desks can be found in black, and it’s a non-obtrusive colour that doesn’t cause too much distraction.

Modern and Vintage

Another popular style for home offices is a mixture of modern and vintage. Some people may have some nice vintage furniture at home that they can use for their working space, and mixed with some modern artwork or decorative pieces, you can create a very inspiring and unique place from which to work.

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