Top 10 Home Improvement Apps for You


Home Improvement Apps

Don’t begin your next home upgrading venture just yet. You may not know it, but and your smartphone can guide you. Now, pull it out from your pocket and install a few helpful apps.

As long as you’re connected to the internet, you will find apps that help you choose the correct paint color. Some will help you in calculating the required materials and approximate overall project costs. Others will determine the most exquisite furniture arrangement for your bedroom. Some apps can serve as levels, rulers, or other tools that you need.

Whether you’re searching for online DIY guides, any design encouragement, or color matching for a landscape project, here are the top ten home improvement apps for you.

Photo Measures

Photo Measures
You don’t need to carry around a tape measure forever, this app is on the rescue. With this, you can just snap an image of a space and inscribe the dimensions on it.


Wikihow is an app that offers its users with thousands of do-it-yourself and how-to guides. You’ll never feel alone when you use this app on your next home projects.


With HomeZada, you can plan out your projects from the beginning ’till the end. This app helps you in setting up timelines and funds. Plus, you can keep track of all the errands you should do. HomeZada also builds a wish inventory of objects that you want to buy and is also proficient in generating an account of your every home feature.


TapPainter lets you take photos of your walls, wherein you can play with colors on it without actually painting stains all over your home. You can modify the colors from the color wheel while changing the brightness, saturation, and hue.

Overall, TapPainter is all about colors. So, if you want to play with colors on your walls, furniture, and any object within your home, TapPainter is the go-to app.


While it’s tough for you to manage the overall home improvement project, envisioning how your new equipment will appear can be a challenge too. With Rooomy, you can visualize various configurations of furnishings in a specific space by converting 2D photos into 3D renderings.

Home Design 3D

Through this Home Design 3D, you can sketch your rooms and outdoor spaces in either 2D or 3D. In that sketch, you can fill up space with decorations and furniture to see how it’ll look in person. You can also edit the items to alter their shape, assisting you to decide whether or not that item fits.

Handy Man DIY

From cost estimations for your every home improvement project to the calculations of your room, this helpful app computes everything possible. With Handy Man DIY, you access various information and tips for your project. You can create a virtual inventory of the necessary items and create a shopping list through this app.


iFixIt is a fantastic DIY-based app that concentrates on DIY repairs – perfect for your next home improvement project. In their app, they consist of repair manuals for various types of devices – may it be smartphones, cars, or any of your average household furniture and appliances.

Don’t you have the tools or parts you need? Worry no more; the app effectively comprises links to its online store.


Do you like to buy or sell your preowned décors that are still high-quality? If your answer is yes, then Chairish is an app for you. You can buy that perfect furniture for your home improvements in just a click. You can also sell that furniture you can’t use anymore.


ColorSnap lets you imagine how hues will look on your home spaces before giving in to that final one. It also suggests a balancing color mixture, which offers you a color palette that professionals always consider.


Your home design and its improvements are big deals. You can devote as little time and spend a few dollars, but most of the time, they can cost months to execute and spend thousands of bucks.

Your smartphone can’t do the entire work for your home improvement project, but it can surely assist you with most parts of the procedures. Are you looking for the perfect classic sofa? Do you need a floor plan? Or do you want to visualize that specific paint color on your wall? Lash out your smartphone. Today, there’s truly an app for your home improvement projects.

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