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Top 10 Home Improvement and Upgrade Ideas That Attracts The Millennial Buyers

Millennials have a different outlook on homeownership than their parents, but still, statistics says that even though nearly 50% of all millennials rent a home, 1 in 3 millennials owns it. That’s why it’s better to make sure your home is a good candidate to sell to a millennial, and if not, think of upgrading your house to appeal to modern buyers. According to UpNest, proximity to work and cost of housing are one of the most important factors for millennials when considering a future home. It’s useful to understand millennials mindset, spending habits and things they always want in their home. Below you will find simple and affordable hacks that will help you appeal to millennial homebuyers.

Choose Moderns Designs and Interiors

Choose Moderns Designs and Interiors

In this modern time, the high profile people’s living styles became luxurious and elegant, too. They prefer modern designs with improved inbuilt features for their dream home. Hence, the home that has the modern kitchen, stainless steel material, and cabinets, can attract the buyers. According to experts, you can look for modern designs to woo the homebuyers by upgrading Interior design and various integrated features. Less is more for young homebuyers.

Make Small Office Space In The Home

There is a great rise in the trend of work from home to all groups of people. Therefore, it is always great to showcase your versatility by designing a separate home office space. According to the existing US Census, over 13 million households in the US work from home. Millennial buyers expect some place to do extra work during the day, though it is not too big.

Make Your Home Future Ready

Of course, any modern homebuyer is easily attracted to a smart home. How to make it happen? Appliances like video door phones, smart air conditioners, smart thermostats, and others can easily be controlled by an app. When it comes to attracting buyers, connectivity is the key. Millennials are also crazy about affordable techs. They expect smart home security without any monthly plan. A new technology which is affordable, too can be an added plus for modern home buyers.

Design One Room For Gathering and Gaming

A home becomes way too good if it has all the things that the Millenials want. In this step, if you design a good room where they can play games and do get together parties, they will definitely buy this kind of home. So, design the space where they can do a party with friends, and play games without disturbing others in the house.
Design One Room For Gathering and Gaming

Power Saving Appliances With Advanced Technology

You can also add some energy-efficient appliances like Energy Star refrigerators, nontoxic paint, air purifiers, and others to make it a great selling point. As stated above, almost all Millenials are much tech-savvy, they prefer to do things in different ways and better than others. Hence, the home interior and Appliances, Doorbells, DoorLocks, and Surveillance should be up to date.

Charging Points

In this day and age, you can hardly find anyone who is not connected to the world and doesn’t use tech gadgets. For those tech-savvy home buyers, you may want to have USB charging points in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen to grab their eyes. No one can live without smart devices. Therefore, you need to present your home to be tech-ready and to make life easier for those who live in.

A Backyard Living Space

Along with upgrading your home, you should also upgrade your backyard. It seems to be an extension of your living space. It is something that is proved to be appealing to millennial buyers. Modern home buyers expect to have personalized homes and wide backyards can be an added plus.

Outdoor spaces, which are designed for gathering with friends and family, room with a garden and a separate room for pets to roam freely are always welcome. However, sellers should remember that these areas shouldn’t need proper maintenance and time.
A Backyard Living Space
The US Housing Confidence Survey has released the Chase Housing Confidence Index in which millennials considered landscaping most important for renovation, followed by kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Of course, who doesn’t want some Instagram-worthy appeal? More than 40% of young homebuyers are in search of properties with beautiful landscaping.

Storage Space

Storage space is not all about style, but also about form and functionality. The millennial buyers are always attracted to homes that have a lot of sensible storage space. It is even better if your home has multifunctional furniture, which features a lot of in-built drawers and closets. It can definitely attract young home buyers. For added storage, you can also have a garage.


Millennials love to try electric vehicles and extend their tech to a garage. Therefore, you may definitely want to add power outlets to your garage. It is always handy to have an outlet to charge up everything, from electric bikes to an outdoor fridge. It can level up the appeal of your home to attract the millennials.

Find a Realtor

Are you having trouble revamping your home for homebuyers? You may definitely want to find a realtor who can handle all the aspects of home renovation.

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