Top 10 End of the Season Air Conditioning Repair Tips

As Summer draws to an end, many people throughout Mandurah and surrounding areas are already looking forward to cooler nights, cold mornings, campfires, marshmallows and a warm bowl of tomato soup!

As the temperature changes, it can be easy to look forward and forget about maintenance that should be done on your air conditioning system.

However, just like you shouldn’t put your lawn mower away without performing some maintenance, if you haven’t already serviced your air conditioner throughout the year, now is the time to tend to it.

We’ve compiled ten Air Conditioning Repair tips you should maintain or service your air conditioning system before Winter arrives.


1 – You Can Save Money on Running Costs. If your air conditioner has blocked filters or is running low on refrigerant, running costs could be as much as seventy five percent more than what they should be.

2 – You Can Increase the Life of Your Air Conditioning System. Air Conditioners can be quite expensive, in particular ducted air con systems. Most will fail before there time.

3 – Your Air Con system Performance can Improve. It’s all about comfort! It will put your mind at ease knowing that your air conditioning system will keep you and your family comfortable on even the hottest or coldest days.


4 – It’s Better for the Environment. A well-maintained air-conditioning system is more efficient and may be better for the environment particularly if there is gas leaking harming the ozone layer.

5 – You Can Avoid Expensive Breakdown Issues. The chance of a unit breakdown increases without regular servicing. iBreeze thoroughly service your unit and check all parts are working correctly.

6 – How Efficient is your Air Con? We can let you know how energy efficient your air conditioning system is when we complete the maintenance on your system. We can also give you a rough idea of it’s life expectancy.

7 – Unblock and check your drains. A refrigerated air conditioning system is essentially a giant dehumidifier designed to pull moisture out of the air. If the drains are blocked the unit will not be cooling properly and you could also get a nasty leak on your ceiling that will require repair. Comfort comes from maintaining low humidity.

8 – Remove the Dust Out of Your Air. An important part of your air con maintenance is cleaning your system – both inside and out. Clean air is better than dirty air and a clean filter will also improve your systems efficiency and effectiveness.


9 – Save Yourself Time Now Before Summer. Maintaining your air conditioner before the Winter season can give you a head start on your to-do list next Spring.

10 – You will Save Money on the Service Call Cost If you get the system serviced in Autumn you will most likely save money on the service call. This is because through Summer the workload is extremely high and generally the pricing is slightly higher for a maintenance call.

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