To Have or Not Have Home Siding – Know the Reasons for It

You must always ensure that your home does not only look good but creates a unique appeal that upholds its identity. Your home exterior must bear some distinctive features that help to build an identity and even display the theme underlying the design and style. To give your home some special looks, you must fall upon siding that gives endless opportunities to add color and definition to your home. Siding helps to create a façade to the home exterior that you can design in various ways to meet your objectives of enhancing the aesthetics of the architecture that adds curb appeal. Besides, siding does a lot of good for your home by deterring termites and keeping the structural imperfections under wraps. The siding can withstand the elements of weather as it does not warp, rust or corrode and neither will it rot or split.

Home siding does not only beautify homes and provide a common exterior theme but also provides protection and even enhances security depending on the location. Understanding the basic functions of siding should help you to select the siding that is just the one that you need. To know about the functions of siding which can either make your home stand out in the neighborhood with its exceptional appeal or even make it look like a sore thumb if you select the wrong one, keep reading this article.

Siding functions

Siding functions

The primary function of siding is home protection, which is why it is so important. The masonry of the home exterior has limited abilities to withstand the weather even when protected with paint. By using siding, you can enhance the protection many more times as it acts like insulation that covers the home exterior and protects it from the harsh elements of weather rain, storm, hail, snow and sunshine. Additionally, it protects the foundation too.

Siding makes homes more energy efficient because its insulating properties help to control heat transfer between the inside and outside. A well-installed siding can retain the warmth inside homes in cold weather and hot seasons keep the interior cool by reducing the entry of hot outside air into homes. Siding keeps the interior environment comfortable in all seasons, and its beautiful design makes homes more attractive. You can create a theme for your home design by choosing the right siding.

Home protection with siding

Siding provides a skin to your home that adequately protects the building structure and the interior from the harmful elements of weather. Water penetration through exterior walls is the biggest threat to homes, and most homes have to face the problem. The building materials expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations due to which it puts stress on the joints, which despite being sealed, are unable to prevent the entry of water or snow inside the building structure.

By installing siding that acts as an envelope on the home exterior, you can create a protective cover that prevents exposure of the walls and other exterior surfaces to the environment thereby eliminating the chances of water penetration. Siding can overlap the joints to ensure complete protection from water finding its way into the walls and other exposed areas of the building. In addition, siding protects the building from gusts of strong wind from entering your home through cracks and damages on the walls, thereby preventing any adverse effects on home insulation.

Types of siding

Types of siding
Vinyl is the most versatile and affordable siding material and even most durable besides being available in a wide range of colors. It requires the least care and maintenance, and it will not be wrong to say that it is maintenance free except for occasional cleaning that homeowners can do on their own by power wash or hose. Vinyl siding, when cleaned regularly, can maintain its good looks for a long period.

The rustic looks of wooden siding attract many homeowners, but its susceptibility to the elements of weather is a matter of concern. Wooden siding can damage and rot quickly if not maintained properly, and maintenance cost can be high.

Those who want to maintain the wood like looks at a lower cost or retain the looks of masonry can opt for fiber cement siding that is fast gaining popularity.

Although aluminum siding is the cheapest option, it fails to create attractive looks and does not last long as compared to other siding materials. Moreover, the cost of maintenance is also high because it needs repairing and replacement.

Beware of poor siding

The siding is the first line of defense for your home from the elements of weather, and you must ensure that it is foolproof in providing the protection. If the siding underperforms or made from poor quality materials, it can cause extensive damage to homes. If the siding fails, water can penetrate inside the walls and damage the building structure. Once moisture enters inside the home structure, it can cause immense harm. The moist interiors create an environment that encourages mold and mildew growth besides spreading bacteria which poses health hazards. The wooden sections of the home structure start rotting and can damage the home interior.

Time for new siding

Time for new siding
Siding can last for many years depending on the choice of material, but there are times when you might have to repair and replace it. Therefore, you must be acquainted with the signs that tell you that it is time to attend to the siding. Warping of siding is a definite sign that it needs immediate replacement. If you notice that the siding is tending to bend and pull away from the surface of the home exterior, it is perhaps due to rainwater or moisture finding its way inside the siding that caused the damage.

Some signs of interior damage like paint peeling off from the inside walls or sagging wallpaper in any room point to the chances of the siding not performing well and allowing water to penetrate inside between the siding and framework.

To make your home look beautiful and protect it securely, installing siding makes perfect sense.

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