Tips, Trends and Emerging Technologies in the Real Estate Market


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The real estate market is the new goldmine for investors looking to expand their income streams while amassing wealth and property value. The goal of real estate investment isn’t far from the fact that investors wish to put their money to work now to reap massive returns in the future. However, the market is constantly changing, and a lot is being left as old-school knowledge.

The introduction of new strategies, technologies, and trends has continued to sustain the market, allowing it to be easily recognized as one of the strongest investment markets in the country and worldwide. Little wonder there are numerous real estate investment companies out there willing to aid investors on how to get into the business and give you a real estate math.

Whether you enter the industry as an investor looking to take advantage of the subsequent significant appreciation or as a seller looking to get huge profit from your deals, these innovations assist you in achieving your set goals.

This article thus aims to expose you to some of these tips, trends, and technologies necessary to record high success in this ever-competitive market. They serve as a source of reliable wisdom and tactical strategy that allows you to make wiser decisions in the game of real estate. Without further ado, let us get right into the discourse.

First of All, Why Invest in Real Estate?

Owning a property is one thing and using it to your advantage is another. The effective use of properties for financial and monetary returns is the primary purpose of real estate. Ownership of any real estate, be it residential or commercial, allows you to take advantage of events such as property appreciation, economic growth, urban development, and migration to generate a steady cash flow income.

As a broker, you can also earn money from property commissions, rent bargains, or even online real estate investing with Holdfolio. Your company may also delve into ancillary real estate income such as vending machine services in large office spaces or shopping centers in apartment complexes—all these work towards generating more revenue for you and your team.

Tips for Profitable Real Estate Investment

There are numerous tips that one can leverage to get the best deals in the real estate market. It’s important to apply such knowledge in all forms of real estate practice as it allows for strategic planning and optimal returns. The following are tips that give professional and driven realtors an edge over their competitors in the industry.

Evaluate Before Buying

Many investors, especially beginners who are yet to understand the market systems entirely, tend to rush into closing deals without thoroughly evaluating the options and terms. Regardless of how long background research may take, it’s always essential to carry it out no matter what. 

Never be in haste to secure a particular property. Instead, it’s better to earn critical evaluation techniques which help determine the most suitable property for your portfolio. Generally, evaluation features visits to the property site, a study of the neighborhood and environment, and data/statistics perusal as provided in comparative market analyses (CMA).

With all set and observed, you can then compare the available options, choosing which will be a good and profitable property.

Understand The Concept of Profit and Leverage

Understanding the primary cash flow principles involved in real estate is crucial to the success of any investor in the industry. A typical real estate investor should also be savvy of other means capable of increasing profit returns in real estate, prioritizing increasing profit margins. An example of such opportunities is crowdsource real estate investing.

Knowledge of tax management, home sales, and the economics of house-flipping (the act of fixing houses and putting them up for sale) are necessary for investors to calculate how much the investment turns in exactly. On the other hand, understanding that fascinating and profitable leverage may also lead to more losses is equally pertinent. 

Losses may occur on the leveraged property, especially in cases of value depreciation and poor market outlook. All these and more may spell doom for an aspiring investor, who may, in the end, leave knee-deep in debt rather than profit. A savvy investor doesn’t take advantage of mortgage loans or other forms of leverage without understanding the risks.

Diversify Your Portfolio

The housing market isn’t static; hence, it’s expected that there will be inevitable ups and downs along the line. It’s thus generally unwise to put all your fragile eggs in one basket when you can have up to six others. According to Clark Asset Management, the income from most group investments in real estate is around 7 percent (6-8 percent) every year; hence, it’s better to invest in a range of real estate options rather than just one type. 

Since there are different markets for the various real estate firms, investing in the rental markets may save you money when the commercial real estate market falls. You can also purchase shares and stocks in other properties, allowing you to earn from a wide range of sources.

Emerging Technologies2

Trends and Emerging Technologies

Trends are common in all aspects of life, even in the real estate sphere. Hence, it’s not surprising that we see some new technologies and other welcome changes in the housing industry. These trends and technologies will go a long way to changing the real estate market as we know it. Here are a few examples of the new trends and technologies in the market today:

  • Virtual Reality and Online Home Purchasing

Technology has taken us a long way, especially in recent times where the pandemic has hindered human contact, thus causing businesses to go digital. In the past year, many real estate events were held virtually, with people from all over the world joining in from the comfort of their homes. 

Home purchasing has also taken the same turn as home buyers search for listings online, send in requests, and even take virtual tours. You can even engage in online real estate investing with Holdfolio

As in-house tours have been stalled due to COVID-19, virtual reality has allowed investors to view 3D computerized simulations of the properties they’re interested in purchasing. This trend seems to be becoming more popular every day.

  • Smart Apps

Currently, it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t own a smartphone in developed areas of the world. Even kids in elementary school own at least one smart device which can support computer applications. Little wonder real estate agencies are going all out to create their smartphone applications for use by their customers.

These apps are made to make the property buying process easy for potential customers and investors. The apps allow customers access to information at any time they require it. They also make for an easy and swift operations process while also saving resources. 

In general, smartphone real estate apps ease communication and collaboration between clients and their agencies. Aside from the use of smartphone apps, you can also partake in online real estate investing with Holdfolio.

Are You Set to Start Investing?

Investing in real estate is exciting, but seeing returns is even more exciting. Start your online real estate investing with Holdfolio today for a splendid tomorrow. At Holdfolio, we are poised to offer you the best real estate investment options with an average 19 percent ROI.

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