Tips on How to Turn a House into a Smart Home Using Bluetooth


bluetooth smart home

Do you remember the days when furnishing a home was simple? You chose what you liked, and you mostly focused on decorations. Well, those days are gone. Today, it’s all about function. Almost every item in your home can be equipped with speakers, temperature controls, security features, sensors, and all kinds of smart features powered by Bluetooth technology. 

How much of these high-tech devices do you need? How do you make your home smart without spending an entire fortune? 

Tips: How to Create a Smart Home with Bluetooth 

1. Figure Out How Technology Works

You can’t start buying smart home products without knowing how they work. Yes; they come with directions. But how do you know you need all those features? It’s important to get devices that work well with each other, too. It will take some planning for you to get things that you’ll definitely use. 

Start with a single essential device. It may be a great wireless router. It’s a good place to start, since you’ll see how your computer works with it. If you face any MacOS Monterey Bluetooth issues, you’ll fix them before getting smart lighting, speakers, and other devices.

2. Get the Essentials

There are a few smart devices that every home can benefit from. This list can be your starting point:

  • Thermostats

First and foremost, a smart thermostat is all about comfort. You won’t have to worry about the right temperature in your home; the device will automatically cool or heat the space to make it comfortable. Smart thermostats detect when you’re home, so the system will only operate when necessary. This saves you energy, so you’ll pay smaller bills!

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  • Smoke detectors

A smoke detector is a mandatory device in every home. Now that we have access to high-tech devices, it doesn’t make sense to get a conventional smoke detector. The smart one will sound like a traditional alarm, but will also send a smartphone alert to you and any other authorized contact.  

  • Light bulbs

Different types of smart bulbs communicate over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth radio, or smart hubs. You can install an app to program and control the lighting in your home. 

  • Security cameras

You’ll feel calmer knowing that the security camera shows what your kids or pets are doing while you’re away. Of course; they will also make you feel safer. You can also get outdoor models, which will detect burglars before they get inside.

3. Consider Connecting All Devices through a Smart Hub

You can install individual smart devices and control them through their own apps. But if you want a more effective smart home, a Hub is a must! This is a processor that creates a sensor network. It monitors several parameters, such as air quality, temperature, light, water heating, and more. 

The Hub gets data from all devices connected to the network, and it ensures the desired comfort level. It informs you about devices that need maintenance, too. By gathering data from outside sources, the Hub also saves electricity. It will check the outside temperature and forecast to decide whether to use solar thermal panels to heat water.  

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4. Use an App to Connect Functions

Have you heard of the IFTTT (If This Then That) app? It’s mandatory for anyone with more than two smart devices in their home. This service triggers connected actions, which you’ll set. 

For example, you can program it to trigger the coffee machine to treat you to a warm cup of coffee after you spend four hours straight working on the computer. You can also set up the robotic vacuum cleaner to start working after you leave your home. And how would you like some calming music with your coffee?

You can use some of the offered possibilities (there are over 650 of them), but you can also create your own actions. 

Be Smart When Planning Your Smart Home

When you start looking through the opportunities for smart devices, you’ll be able to create an endless list. Do you need every single device out there? No; it’s best to start with the essentials and upgrade when you’re sure that you need another tech wonder in your home. Read reviews, wait for discounts, and don’t forget to connect all smart Bluetooth devices to work in synergy.

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