Tips on Choosing and Maintaining Your Home Hair Cutting Machine

Maintaining a clean haircut is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and most effective ways to boost your appearance. For this reason having the best haircut machine at your disposal is important for everyone who wants to stand out for their awesome hairstyle. No more untamed hairs or the stress of making regular trip to an expensive barber. But with a wide range of hair cutting machines in the market, how do you select the best for your shaving needs?

Are there any differences between different brands and model? Will they not work the same? How do you choose the best shaver to enjoy an easy hair cutting experience at home? We have highlighted some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the right machine for your hair grooming.

Important Things You Need to Look at When Buying Your Haircutting Machine

Though made for the same purpose – to cut down the hair, all hair machines are not equal in terms of power, efficiency, portability and technology and of course the pricing. Before you make the purchasing decision, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Price – Professional haircut machines tend to be more expensive than the home machines for obvious reasons – high performance, high quality, durability and power. However, whether you are looking for a professional or a home machine to save your hair maintenance costs, it is important to compare different prices and go for a machine that gives you a good quality-price balance. In most cases you pay more for top quality but you cannot overrule chances of being overcharged in some stores. First think of the features you would like and then do enough research to land on the best deal possible.
  • Usability – Hair cutting requires a set of skills and knowing how to handle and use the haircut machine is one of them. Some machines are easy to operate while others require professional skills to operate. Most home cutting machines are user friendly but also require you to gain some basic knowledge to ensure that you can cut hair effectively and safely.
  • Styling – Professional machines are meant for producing more artistic touch and finish. The best machine should have a high versatility to enable a variety of more complex hairstyles and to help you produce a good looking cut.
  • Power – A powerful machine produces fewer cutting strokes, more hair cut in a pass and less snagging meaning it will save you time and enable a cleaner shave. Also selecting a machine that can cut any type of hair – whether long, thick, hard and coarse is very critical.
  • Durability – It helps to choose a machine that will remain functional for a long time. This depends on the quality of the blade – how long they can stay sharp or whether they can be change or not.
  • Performance – A high performance machine should have a long battery life, produce minimal noise while in use and also smoothly cut through thick and coarse hair without any damage. Maintenance – Fancy features always get into our way making us forget the maintenance factor which is also important. You should also consider how easy it is to clean the machine blades to ensure easy maintenance. Some machine also requires frequent oiling while others don’t. The blade material also determines the maintenance tasks. It would be a waste if you invest in a quality machine only to have it rust within a few months of its use. Blades made of stainless steel sometimes coated with titanium or carbon are rust resistant hence easier to maintain.
  • Additional Features – There are load of other special features that comes with the machines but every additional feature comes at a cost. If you are less experienced you can go for a machine with the self-sharpening feature. Others have motion sensors as well as more powerful motors which makes the trimming experience more fun and easy.

Whether you are buying a professional or a home shaving machine, consider a machine within your budget but with features that will meet all your requirements. Sometimes you may be forced to trade some features for others. Also ensure that the machine has been tested on different hairs and confirm that you have fully understood how to use the machine. Test your grip on the machine and feel the weight to make sure that you can easily shave with the machine.

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