Tips for Using an Offset Smoker

There is no doubt that cooking with offset smokers could be great fun and rewarding, to say the least. They are also referred to as barrel smokers. It is quite popular and therefore it would be interesting to know more about this form of cooking. There are some unique things about offset smokers.

To begin with, they come with a separate firebox attached. This is attached to the cooking chamber. This allows for direct grilling in the firebox.

Further, it also is possible to go in for indirect or direct cooking using the smoking chamber. Indirect cooking once if it is mastered could be helpful in coming out with the best of barbecue, poultry, fish preparations, and smoked meats.

The secret, however, lies in the ability to maintain a cooking temperature that is uniform and even for extended periods of time. It will not be possible for novices to make the best recipe the first time around and it could be frustrating for them too as far as learning processes are concerned.

We are sharing some tips that perhaps could be useful for those who are keen on making the best use of offset smokers. Find more on Smoke Gears.

Few Points to Consider When Buying an Offset Smoker

Few Points to Consider When Buying an Offset Smoker

There are a few important points that one must keep in mind when buying an offset smoker. We are sharing some important tips that we fee could be useful.

  • The thickness of steel is one of the most important points to be taken into account when buying an offset smoker. You should avoid thin gauge steel because it does not maintain heat too well. This could impede the maintenance of constant cooking temperature.
  • The temperature near the firebox could be hotter than the other side of the cooking chamber if the thickness of the steel is not very thin.
  • If you choose smokers with thin steel the heat difference will be quite obvious and this will negatively impact the quality of cooking.
  • If you spend time and choose a 10-gauge steel offset smoker, 1200 degree heat resistant is quite possible.

Important To Maintain Cooking Temperature

Important To Maintain Cooking Temperature
The next trick is to always ensure that the cooking is done slow and steady. The secret lies in maintaining a consistent cooking temperature. For this to happen you have to be sure that you have good knowledge as to how the particular smoker cooks.

It does not happen immediately and calls for practice, some trial and error and experimentation and of course a lot of patience. You should know how to get started and here are a few options that we would like to keep in mind.

  • Importance of seasons the smoker. This is one of the most obvious things that you must do when you are keen on getting the best out of your offset smoker. This is not too difficult. Simple things like coating the smoking chamber using cooking oil is a must, to begin with. Do not use anything expensive.
  • Build the Fire the Right Way: The next important point is to build the fire in the firebox the right way. Adding wood chips for smoke and ensuring maintenance at around 250 to 275 degrees F is very critical. The temperature should be maintained at least for two to three hours is important. This can be done with by adding for smoke as and when needed. This again is not a complicated task. The smoke and oil should be good enough a barrier on the inside of the smoker.
  • Coal is better than firewood. It would be always better to use charcoal rather than firewood. Charcoal is known to burn at a consistent pace. It also is easier to control charcoal than wood. This again calls for practicing as far as charcoal fire. You could experiment with wood and then slowly migrate to charcoal. A combination of wood and charcoal could be a good choice, especially when you are trying it for the first time.
  • The lid should be closed. There is a need to maintain even cooking temperature and that too for hours. This can happen only when the lid is properly closed. The lid should not be opened every now and then. Yes, you might need to open the lid if the quantity of meat is large but you should know where the draw the balance.


At the end of the day, the taste of your meat delicacies would depend on the way in which you are able to do everything from start to end.

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