Tips For Repairing Your Garage Door

Your garage door plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your home. It takes up at least one-third of your exterior. So a chipped or broken door can make your home look old or not so appealing. Moreover, your garage doors have a more significant purpose than just looking good.

Your garage door keeps your vehicle protected from theft and other disasters. It also acts as a protective layer for everyone who is living inside. So, the slightest mistake can put your precious vehicle and family members’ safety to risk.

So, it’s vital for your garage door to always be fully functional. This can only happen if you take good care of it and maintain it as required. If you are not sure how you can do that, this article will get you sorted.

Check The Sensor

One of the most common complaints from the users is that their garage door doesn’t go down or takes too long in going down. One reason the door stops going down might be the sensor. It could be as simple as something getting stuck on the sensor. If something like this happens, just take a good look at it and remove it if you can.

Your sensor could have other issues as well. These issues generally get resolved easily. If you can’t determine the problem yourself, consult a professional. They can easily fix technical issues.

Fix Sagging

Fix Sagging

A sagging garage door is one of the primary symptoms that something needs to be fixed. It’s best if you take a good look and identify if something is wrong. If you notice sagging, try to fix it as soon as possible so it doesn’t cause any further inconvenience.

The common reason for sagging is aging. As time passes by, gravity causes the door to sag. If the problem is caused by age, it’s best to replace it. If you are not ready to change it yet, you can get it repaired with some tension rods.

Seek Help For The Heavy Lifting

As you know, a garage door is too big to handle alone. You may trust your muscle strength and attempt it all alone, but it’s better not to do so. This may result in injuries and damage to your door.

Always make sure to call a friend to help you out. If you don’t want to bother a friend, seek professional assistance. This is definitely the best option. They will bring the tools and equipment you may need. This will ensure the issue is handled in the best way possible.

Get Your Rollers Checked

Get Your Rollers Checked

Whether you have a manual garage door or an electrical door opener, the garage door rollers play a vital role in its movement. If you are finding it hard to slide the garage door up or to bring in down, it could be an indication that your rollers need some help.

These rollers are made of steel, nylon, or plastic. No matter what they are made of, regular friction causes damage to them. The more you use them, the more they get worn off. So, it’s best to get them checked at least once a year, if not more. You can find many companies online that offer roller garage door repairs.

Tips For Locking

The primary purpose of your garage door is to keep everything safe inside. It should protect you from theft, robbery, and trace passers. But if the door doesn’t close, there is no point in having a garage door. It’s like keeping your valuable belongings vulnerable and sleeping with the risk of a break-in.

So, you must always double-check if the door has locked correctly. A very common problem is that the garage door doesn’t lock properly. You may notice that regardless of how much pressure you put on the door, it won’t get aligned properly.

If something like this occurs, then the best solution is to get it fixed by a professional. But if it’s too late to call a specialist that day, you can try a DIY fix. Use the manual release cord; it should have a handle at the bottom part of the door. You can use that handle to put on constant pressure and align the door manually.


When you use your garage door every day or multiple times a day, it causes a lot of tugging and pulling, which results in friction. Friction holds back the movement of a sliding object. This way many parts of your door get damaged. Over time, this damage can cause the door not to fit in the right places.

An effective way to prevent this problem is to lubricate. Make sure it is lubricated in all the places and slides easily. This way it will last a lot longer. Moreover, lubricating ensure the door doesn’t make too much noise when you are using it.

You can find many lubricant options online. It’s best to use a silicone-based lubricant or white lithium grease. These lubricants don’t attract dust or gum up.

Keep It Clean

If you want your garage door to last, there is no substitute for keeping it clean. Many people tend to overload their garage with all the unnecessary things in their house and don’t get it cleaned regularly. This blocks air circulation and causes debris and other nasty things to grow, which affect longevity.

Always make sure to keep your garage well-organized, and don’t overload it with unnecessary things.

Annual Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure. At the end of the day, your garage door is a mechanism, and it requires maintenance. There are a few things you can do yourself, but you should get it professionally checked at least once a year.

To Sum Up

Your garage door is basically a vital part of the safety of your house. There should be no compromise on its maintenance. The best way to ensure everything is working fine is to give a good look and observe it well. If you notice anything unusual, act fast to avoid bigger issues.

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