Tips for Renting out a Room in your Home

If you have a spare room in your home you may want to think about renting it out. If you rent a room out you could bring in extra money each month. No matter why the room is empty, there’s no use in keeping it empty unless you have people staying over all the time.

You can earn as much as £7,500 tax-free from if you plan to take in a lodger. Making changes to the room and your home and finding out the benefits of composite decking is the way forward. Let’s take a good look at some tips for renting out a room in your home:

Make Sure the Room is Presentable

One of the first things you need to do is make sure the room is presentable. Deal with any issues such as damp, holes in the wall and any issues with the window first. You may not get a tenant if you charge a lot of money for a room that isn’t presentable. The room should be clean, light and airy and contain a bed, perhaps a bedside table, some drawers and maybe even a desk and chair.
Make Sure the Room is Presentable

Add a rug here and there, make sure lightbulbs work and hang up curtains that match the rest of the room. While the room does not need to be anything fancy it should look nice.

Work on the Rest of your Home

The rest of your home such as the bathroom, kitchen and living area should be easy to use. Bathrooms should not be damp, and they should have a toilet and a bath and/or sink that works well. Kitchens will need to have an oven that works, a microwave and a fridge freezer that has plenty of room for your tenant to store their food.

Make Sure the Garden Looks Good

Chances are, your new tenant will want to spend some time in the garden. While the garden does not need to be elaborate it does need to be inviting. Consider using some composite decking so they have somewhere to sit. Decking is also ideal for barbecues and summer parties that you could invite your tenant to.

Advertise your Spare Room

If you advertise your spare room rather than hoping word of mouth will do you’re more likely to get a tenant. There are websites that let you advertise a spare room, and there are also noticeboards in the workplace that could encourage interest. Don’t forget to advertise on social media as word can quickly get around this way.
Advertise your Spare Room

How Long do you Want to Let the Room for?

You’ll need to work out how long you would like to let your spare room for. You may want to let it for 6 months or on a month-by-month basis. Don’t forget to discuss how much notice you will need to give each other if you want the arrangement to come to an end.

Set Some Rules

It’s important that you set some ground rules. Let them know if you don’t want them coming home at 1 am, or you don’t wish them to play music very loud. Put all of these rules in writing along with the length of tenancy, deposit and if you require references.

With a little bit of work, you could ensure your spare room and the rest of your home looks good. Make sure the room looks good, decide how much you want a tenant to pay and get ready to start welcoming someone into your home. You never know, you could end up with a tenant who is a pleasure to be around.

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