Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is a challenging task. Re-imagining existing layouts and working around pipeworks can be so difficult, you might just want to give up and redo it from scratch.

However, there are some tips and tricks that might be able to help you do your renovation without so much hassle. Here are some of the things that might make your bathroom renovation less difficult:

Plan the layout and stick to it

Making last-minute changes to your existing layouts will affect your plumbing costs. The fewer the alterations, the lesser your plumbing costs. However, if it is necessary to move some elements, keep the toilet as close as possible to the existing soil pipe.

Once you have finalized the design, it is best if you stick to it, but make sure you have the approval of your electrician, tiler, and other contractors. They might be able to identify issues that may affect with their part of the project.

Appoint an electrician

An electrician’s service is necessary for any lighting schemes or rewiring, and the addition of shower pumps or electric showers. Before the construction process, it is important to speak with one so they can incorporate their plans into the schedule.

It is vital that you choose a registered and experienced electrician. This will serve as additional protection if something goes wrong.

Choose your sanitaryware first

Prior to plastering or tiling, you need to select all your sanitaryware, including the bath, toilet, sink, taps, shower, and any bathroom furniture you wish to have. This is to ensure that the hot and cold pipes and waste are positioned properly. You should also specify everything before the first-fix stage since last-minute decisions can cause expensive alterations.

Salvage Usable Sanitarywares

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Reusing good taps or sanitaryware is a cost-effective way of maintaining character in your bathroom. You can easily salvage roll-top baths, or re-enamel or add a new surround to your bath.

Mix and Match Items to Save More on a Bathroom Renovation

Let your creative juices flow and save more just by mixing and matching items. You can select neutral-colored items and mix sanitaryware items from various suppliers. This can offset less expensive purchases against luxuries like an expensive bath.

However, you should stay away from cheap fixes like thin shower trays or plastic baths. These products will not last you for a long time, and you might end up spending more.

Stay Simple

Basically, the simpler the designs you choose, the less expensive they will be to fit out. Thus, keep the designs as simple as possible in your project. Avoid unnecessary steps, curves, fancy decorative moldings, and non-essential decors.

Haggle when Possible

Nobody will sue you if you ask for a discount. In fact, it is encouraged in some shops’ policies. If you still feel bad about haggling, remember that even high street DIY stores are open to negotiating with prices.

Decide about Waterproofing

You can use tile backer boards to line shower enclosures and bathroom walls. They are totally waterproof when taped and jointed, and can act as insulation. Waterproofing your space will limit the risk of leaks that can damage your project, costing you money to repair.

Try Tech in your Bathroom

People’s lives nowadays depend on technology, so smart waterproof televisions, hi-fi systems, smart lighting controls, and blinds automation can be a welcome addition to your bathroom. However, these gadgets need planning, so that wiring can be accounted for.

Use Mirrors

If you want to make a small bathroom feel more spacious, installing a large, frameless mirror covering one entire wall can be an excellent idea. You can actually fit heated pads behind the mirror to prevent them from misting up after baths.

Choose only reputable tradespeople for your project

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Always pick a trustworthy tradesperson for your project, be they builders, plumbers, electricians or decorators. Ask for recommendations from your family and friends and ask for samples.

Avoid traders who ask for money. If you have no receipt, you have no proof if things go wrong, especially since it is illegal for them not to declare their income. You should also be wary of requests for upfront payments, since these may mean cash flow issues. It is best if you sign a simple contract with the builder and a third party to ensure that the project will be done according to schedule.

Don’t skimp on brassware

You use these items every day, especially those hidden valves that help regulate the water temperature in your house. Search for quality “rub-clean” showerheads with easy-clean nozzles to prevent limescale from building up.

Hide Pipework

You can always ask your plumber to hide pipework and services to achieve a cleaner, more organized look. They can arrange them to be concealed in your flooring and ceilings. Concealing pipework can also make tiling and laying flooring easier. However, it is important that essential components are accessible to you in case there is a leak.

Don’t Forget about Ventilation

Condensation may cause damp, and since bathrooms are damp by nature, it is highly recommended to install adequate ventilation systems. A window vac can also help suck up condensation as it rapidly gets rid of water that may rot your wooden windows.

Avoid wall-mounted sanitaryware as much as possible

Stay away from wall-mounted fittings, because less work means less cost. Wall-mounted basins, taps, and toilets need specialist fixings. Deck-mounted taps and pedestal basins are less expensive options you might want to consider.

Don’t overdo lighting

Pendant lighting is a good idea, since it is cheaper than wall lights or individual downlights. You can always look for multi-bulb fittings for a more flexible scheme.

Choose one statement feature for a luxurious feel

Invest in one feature that will give your bathroom a luxe feel without breaking the bank. This can be a freestanding bath, or just some fancy taps.

Include Storage Space

Clutter can easily ruin the ambiance of a new room, so consider adding some bathroom storage. You can opt for storage furniture and nice baskets to keep everything neat and organized.

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t need to be too hard and expensive. Keep all these tips in mind, so you can enjoy your beautiful bathroom quicker without spending too much.

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