Tips for Keeping Creepy Crawlies Away


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As the weather starts to warm up, we rejoice in being able to enjoy the sunny outdoors again, but as we enjoy the outside, our homes can become susceptible to invasion by annoying bugs and insects. 

It’s not just during warmer months either, while ants, flies and moths invade our homes during the summer days and evenings, spiders and even rodents like mice or rats will come seeking warmth when it starts getting colder.

Here’s what you can do to prevent these pests and creepy crawlies from invading your home, your garden and your life.

Keep Things Clean

Tiny bits of debris from food and drink can be sniffed out by pests, so make sure to vacuum floors and wipe surfaces clean regularly. Don’t neglect spilt or uneaten food for too long, there’s a five second rule for a reason.

Prevent Damp in Your Home

Wet areas like your bathroom, kitchen and utility are especially susceptible to damp but so is anywhere with a leak. Make sure you investigate and tackle problems like leaks as soon as you can or they will just continue to get worse, wreaking expensive to repair havoc on surrounding areas, causing complications like damaging floorboards amongst other structures. 

Try to keep your home as dry as possible by keeping it well ventilated, leave windows on a trickle vent often to clear and prevent condensation. One key indication that an area is too damp is if you start to spot silverfish crawling around your bathroom or kitchen floor tiles. Though silverfish are relatively harmless, they do feast on starch found in everything from wallpaper to cereals, so you don’t want to encourage them.

Other creatures that like damp environments include woodlice and centipedes. Preventing damp will also stop mould from growing. Certain creatures like slugs love to eat mould, so if you don’t want to find slug trails all over your carpet, prevent damp or get rid of mould using a special spray or vinegar – as long as you don’t mind your house smelling like a chip shop!

Seal Everything Up

Getting some sealant to fix any cracks or cervices in walls, in between windows and so on, will prevent small bugs from having an access point. It also might have the added bonus of providing some insulation to your home, meaning you can save on heating in the winter. 

You might need different types or methods of sealant depending on where the cracks and crevices are. A brick sealant for walls and a silicone sealant for protecting various materials like rubber, tile, porcelain, glass and metal. These will have an added bonus of preventing damp if they are waterproof.

You can also draught proof your house with things like foam seals for doors and windows, not only will it stop cold winds blowing through cracks, but it’ll also keep the bugs out too.

As well as sealing up structures, keep all food items sealed in airtight containers, it will keep the food both fresh for you and stop critters from sniffing it out.

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Get Expert Help

If you are struggling with a particular pest infestation and have tried a few solutions, don’t let yourself suffer. Contacting a reliable pest control service is always an option, just search pest control near me online to find a local business who can help you quickly and discreetly.

Bug Sprays and Other Repellents 

Whipping out some bug spray is another method. Some are intended for indoor use so you don’t have to worry about them having a harmful effect on humans, but it’s still best to use caution and read the label in case any ingredients can set off existing allergies.

As well as bug sprays, you can also use certain strong smells to repel creatures like spiders away. Try using scents like peppermint, tea tree, lavender or cinnamon. You can mix some essential oil drops with water in a spray bottle and spray it around the house, so pick whichever scent you most like.

Enjoy A Pest Free Home

Doing all of the above won’t just prevent pest invasions, it’ll help improve your home too. Try these methods out and enjoy not having to share your living space with uninvited guests.

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