Tips for Designing Your Dream Horse Barn

One of the most exciting parts of horse ownership is designing and building a barn. A well-designed barn can be a beautiful, functional addition to your property that will last for years to come.

Designing the perfect barn requires more than just dreaming about what you want it to look like. Many practical considerations like how to find a barn builder need to be taken into account before you start construction on your dream horse barn.

In this article, we’ll explore some tips for designing your dream horse barn:

1. Add A Wash Bay In Your Design

A wash bay is a great way to make your barn safer and cleaner for both you and the horses. Plus, it’s easier on them if they don’t have as far off a walk from stall to shower each time.

You’ll need an area space that has enough room for two or more people with water hoses, towels, soap, and shampoo to work in comfortably at the same time.

If possible, add an outdoor hose spigot so someone can also fill up buckets quickly while another person showers one horse down. And be sure not to forget about scrub benches. They’re perfect for cleaning out bridles after riding before putting them back into their appropriate slots around the barn.

2. Install A Ventilation System

One of the most important things to consider when designing your dream horse barn is what kind of ventilation system you want. If you live in an area where dust and allergens can be problematic, highly efficient particulate air filters are a good choice for removing these airborne contaminants from the air before they reach your horses.

Ventilation fans should also bring fresh, clean air into the building so that there will always be enough oxygen available for both humans and animals alike.


3. Take Advantage Of Natural Lighting

Designing a horse barn to be energy efficient is not just about the construction and insulation. It’s also essential for lighting. Natural light can cut down on costs, but only if you can harness its potential—and this includes outdoor lights that will keep your horses safe at night.

To maximize natural light in an indoor space, make sure there’s plenty of windows with good visibility (both up and down). A skylight or roof window should do the trick too.

4. Include A Track Room

One of the essential features to include in your barn is a track room. This will allow you and your horses to get the exercise they need with less work on your part, as it’s just one more piece of equipment that you can fold and use for general housekeeping like grooming or cleaning stalls.

There are many ways you can design such a space—either indoors or out; simple or elaborate; enclosed by walls, fencing, natural barriers like streams and trees, etc.—but there’s no question about its value.

5. Have Adequate Stalls

There is no right or wrong number of stalls to have, but the more horse stalls you can afford and fit in your property, the better. It’s hard enough to find a stall when they are all occupied, so get as many as you can while there is still space.


6. Visit Other Barns

Talk to and observe the owners of other barns, or if possible, get in touch with their architect as well. You’ll learn a lot about what works for them, but you may also be able to catch some ideas that will work for your own needs.

No one knows more about your specific situation than you do, so don’t try to copy someone else’s idea without understanding why it might not work for you. You can always ask whoever you visit how they’ve tackled similar challenges before making any final decisions.

Final Thoughts

Horse barns are a significant investment, so it’s crucial to think about what you want for space. Keep in mind that there may be future alterations needed, and if you don’t plan accordingly now, your dream horse barn might not come to fruition. Consider these tips when planning.

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