Tips for Designing Small Kitchens and How to Utilize Space

Finding space in a small place can be challenging and annoying. Whenever you buy pots or pans you have to look for extra space to put them into. This can be especially true for all people who have small kitchens yet need to find enough storage space for all of their kitchen utensils and pantry items.

Finding space to put your things in doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the aesthetics or do a completely new kitchen design! In this article, we’re going to summarize some of the best tips from AceKitchens on how to implement some kitchen design ideas to keep your kitchen as stylish as possible without compromising for practicality. They have a lot of experience in kitchen makeovers and refurbishment in Surrey, so make sure you read carefully to what the experts recommend!

Choose Fresh Colours and Contrast

small kitchen with fresh and contrast colours

Small spaces will look and feel brighter with natural colours. Pastel or even neutral colours will make your small kitchen feel not only bigger but more stylish as well. Light colours will reflect the light and make your space feel more open. You can combine neutral colours with natural materials such as marble or wood to create an elegant and cosy space.

You can also try to choose a strong pattern for your floors. This will distract the eye and will make the room appear bigger. There are a lot of companies such as the AceKitchen Surrey that can customize your kitchen to fit your needs and style.

Get a kitchen island

It might seem like a bad idea at first but adding an island in a small kitchen and using it as a table can actually have some benefits. If you have a long kitchen, a kitchen island can make a huge difference. You can use it for storage as well as surface space. And you don’t have to compromise for a place to sit too. A kitchen island will allow you to make full use of it by keeping your utensils underneath or your fruits and vegetables. If you choose appropriate chairs, you’ll get a fully finished look.

Get adjustable storage space

Small kitchens require some creativity when it comes to storage space. You can try investing in flexible furniture that allows you to use storage space in multiple ways. Some places offer string shelves where you can optimize space for all of your utensils. Or you can use pullout drawers that not only will maximize your space but is also practical – you won’t have to spend time looking for your pots and pans. Another thing you can try is using magnetic boards to store your knives.

Try floor-to-ceiling cabinets

If your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling it will make the room, feel more open and bright. If you’re concerned with not being able to get your items easily, try putting your least used ones at the top. This is practical and a stylish solution to storage space shortage.

Choose the same colour for your cupboards and walls

If you paint your cupboards in the same or similar colour, you’ll create the illusion for a bigger space. This works best with white colours because it creates light and brightness in the room. Not only that but choosing the same colour as your walls will also make your space look organized and neat.

small kitchen

Get creative with your space

Look for space in your kitchen that could be used effectively to store your kitchen utensils. You can use up the top of the cupboards, the top of your fridge, below the skin, or around your windows. All of these can be designated for your not so frequently used kitchenware. You can even use some of your items as decorations in other rooms.

In AceKitchen’s experience working in Surrey, utilizing standalone shelves and kitchen worktops are other great options if you’re looking for additional space. If you have extra room in the kitchen, you can use standalone shelves to put your pantry items. It works as a cool addition to the interior too – you can put plants or beautiful mugs there and get yourself a creative space.

Invest in portable storage

If you really want extra storage you can try with a kitchen trolley. This will add some extra surface when you cook but also provides more storage for your utensils, pots, and pans. You can even use it as a trolley when you have guests.

You can also try internal storage solutions such as drawer dividers or organizers to make the best out of your space. You can also use a moveable island. Portable islands are a great way to utilize space and also provide additional room to prep all of your cooking ingredients for example.


Small kitchens are cute and stylish but sometimes it can be hard to maximize your space and find room for your pantry items and utensils. But there are plenty of ways to find that extra space without compromising for aesthetics too. If you’re not sure you can manage to do that on your own, there are a lot of companies that can make custom kitchen cabinets suitable for your style and needs.

We hope that our ideas for not only maximizing your space but also getting creative to make your kitchen seem bigger and brighter inspired you. Kitchens are the place we spend time preparing our food and sharing it with our loved ones. That’s why we need a space that we truly love and enjoy spending time in.

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