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Tips For Choosing Wedding Day Flowers

You’ve already booked your reception, had your dress tailored, and the food — well, let’s just say they’re five-star. But what about the flowers? Like the aforementioned elements of your special day, wedding flowers are as important.

If you haven’t already planned what blooms you are going to have for your wedding, this article is for you. Today, we will talk about tips for choosing the best flowers for your big day.

1. Make it personal


When choosing your bridal bouquet, try to incorporate flowers that have a special meaning to you. It may not look like the posies you saw on Pinterest but they’re sure to have a deeper meaning, especially when you carry them as you walk down the aisle.

Furthermore, you can add family heirlooms like an antique brooch, a lace hanky, or even that petal of rose from your first date that’s been on pages of your book. Feel free to ask your florist to add them to your bouquet arrangement.

2. Choose a comfortable bouquet

It’s also important to choose a flower arrangement you’ll be comfortable holding on your wedding day. You’ll be carrying it for the most part, so it’s best to choose something that’s not too awkward to carry and will make you look like you’re begging to throw the bouquet.

Your wedding flowers should make you stand out in a good way and not hunch your shoulders or stand in a lopsided way.

We suggest looking into the program of your wedding. Should you decide to add readings, songs, dedications, or a recount of your love story, it’s best to go with a lightweight bouquet that won’t cause you to strain your arms during the wedding. Otherwise, you can add more bridal flowers as you will most likely put it down in a moment.

3. Work with your venue

Your reception can also influence your floral decisions, so make sure to reflect on the venue when choosing your wedding day blooms.

If you will be marrying in a park, a vineyard, or in a garden, you can keep the blossoms minimal as you can still make an impression even with fewer flowers. Talk to your organiser if you are unsure of what flowers to pick and what arrangement would work. They can help you come up with the right bridal bouquet that won’t look out of place in a venue full of greens.

In the same way, you can opt for large clusters of flowers should your wedding venue be in an old chapel or a vintage basilica. Choosing a contrasting hue can make you stand out as you walk these old halls.

4. Consider other options

Some of us might already have a wedding day flower planned before we even said that sweet yes. A beautiful pink bouquet of the most fragrant flowers that are perfect for that special occasion. But the flower you want may not always be available. In fact, it may not be in season when you and your fiance decide to exchange I-dos.

We suggest considering other options. Having a plan helps, but having a “plan B” can definitely save your arse. It’s also important to buy at least more wedding flowers than what you need. You can always use the extra flowers to decorate the reception or to hand over your guest during the wedding day.

Save several photos of various wedding day blooms so you can check out other nosegays that would match your dress or the theme of your wedding.

5. Focus on your guests


While you just can’t help focusing on the details of your special day (not just the bouquet but also the centerpieces and the floral decoration), you should also pay attention to your guests. Don’t choose the perfect bridal bouquet to let you miss out on good moments with friends and family. They are there to help you celebrate your wedding day and not to criticise your flowers.

Focus on spending a great time and really enjoying the day you begin a new chapter in your life and become one with your spouse. Remember that it’s not a contest of whose flowers are the best, so make sure to spend time not just thinking about the flowers but also your guests.


Whether it’s a grand or an intimate wedding, having the right flowers can definitely make a difference. We hope that the tips we shared in choosing your wedding flowers can help you make the right decision. If you’re needing assistance with choosing flowers, you can simply speak to flower delivery Hawthorn services or your local florist.

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