Tips for an Easy to Maintain Garden

An easy to maintain garden is perfect for those who have busy lives with little spare time for gardening. It is also the perfect garden for those who would far rather sit in it and enjoy it rather than toil away, trying to keep it looking immaculate!

There are some great tips to follow that can definitely minimize the amount of time that needs to be devoted to keeping your garden looking good.

1. Improve the design of your garden.

The services of garden designers are surprisingly affordable and it will be the ideal way to have a low maintenance garden design created that will suit you perfectly. If not, you can adjust the design yourself. Assess your garden and decide on any adjustments that can be made to make life easier. Creating a large terrace has many benefits as it is low in maintenance and makes the ideal al fresco dining and relaxing area. If you would like to get a terrace professionally constructed, one made with large textured flagstones is the most reasonably priced.- avoid Indian sandstone slabs though as they really do get slippery after rain.


If you are feeling confident, you can make your own area by buying the special lining material, stakes, and stones from your local garden center and there are some good videos on YouTube to show you how it is done.

2. Make your flower beds easy care

The best plants to have in your flowerbeds are minimal care shrubs. There are plenty to choose from including Aucuba japonica and Choisya temata (Mexican Orange Blossom) and the latter has the bonus of smelling really great too. If you want to minimize weeding, invest in some ground cover plants such as ivy and several types of roses. Alternatively, you can have an array of shrubs and then plant some cheerful annuals to provide a splash of color.

3. Go Mediterranean style


If your garden is just a stretch of lawn with a flowerbed, keep it that way, as both are straight forward to maintain. To add some interest, you can add some large terracotta planters filled with flowers, vegetables, or herbs. It will be necessary to water the planters very regularly, but it is quite a speedy task. The plants will need some nutrients to be added to the watering can as the amount of soil in the planter is quite limited.

4. Keep the grass regularly cut.

The grass is easy to maintain – if it is not allowed to grow too long. Make sure you have the ideal mower for the job and use it regularly to keep the lawn looking good. The bonus is regularly cutting the lawn is that it will improve the condition of the grass and also the time it takes to complete the job will rapidly be reduced.

5. Leave a corner to nature.


Many people believe that the only way to have a garden is to keep it in pristine condition, looking as though the grass was cut just hours earlier and certainly with no dead flower heads in sight! Many conservationists believe that you can do too much gardening and that it is actually beneficial to have a ‘wild corner’ where nature is left alone. The benefits are numerous as the area will be popular with butterflies and bees if there are plenty of wildflowers and numerous wild animals such as hedgehogs will appreciate the undergrowth!

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