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Tips and Tricks to Getting a Full Thick Lawn

Tips and Tricks to Getting a Full Thick Lawn

Maintaining a beautiful lawn doesn’t have to be a chore, but if you don’t give it regular attention things can get out of control. Grass comes in many forms, and that which makes up your lawn will likely be fast-growing.

If you are seeding a lawn you need to think about the tips we are going to give for later use, while following the instructions that come with the seed. It may be advisable to lay turf rather than seed, as this will take hold far more quickly and you’ll have a lawn growing sooner than you might think.

So, what are the tricks to having a full thick lawn? There are many things you can do – all of them simple – to ensure your grass grows evenly and looks the part, so let’s talk about some of these. We’ll begin by talking about the essentials – that is light, sun and water.

Lawns Need Water

The grass on your lawn is a hardy plant, one that will withstand some neglect. However, it does need care and attention on a regular basis if you want to see it looking as beautiful as possible.

A well-kept lawn will be a glorious bright green. One that has brown patches is in trouble and needs urgent attention.

It is not unusual, however, for a gardener to do everything possible and still find the lawn is not responding to the care. This may be due to the location and its climate, or perhaps the grass is of a poor quality.
Lawns Need Water

Believe us when we say there is such a thing as poor-quality grass, and it is easy to tell thanks to a refusal to take on that fresh green hue we all love.

So, should you water your lawn regularly? On average, a lawn needs at least an inch of water each week, and preferably up to two inches.

This applies in the winter, too, but during those wet months it will get enough naturally.

In the dry, hot season you should water your lawn two or three times a week – early in the morning if possible. One trick is to take a screwdriver of medium size; if you can push it easily into the lawn it is happily watered, but if not, it needs more.

Never leave your lawn dry and without water in the summer as the grass will die, and it can be very expensive to replace. If you want to talk to professionals about lawn care we recommend you check out Greener Acres Lawn Care who will be happy to help.

Mowing and Weeding

Mowing and Weeding
Some more lawn care tips can be found at this National Trust guide to a perfect lawn – they maintain many famous gardens in the UK and are acknowledged experts – and here are a couple more from us:

  • Mowing the Lawn – don’t let your lawn get too long and mow it regularly. This invigorates growth and helps keep the grass looking beautiful and fresh. Mow in parallel lines up and down the lawn for that striped effect, and you will have a lawn that looks the part.
  • Weeding – if you see any weeds they need to be removed. Weeds will take over a lawn surprisingly quickly, so act immediately should any of the common varieties appear.
  • General Care – if a lawn is very wet – after a storm, for example – keep off until it is reasonably dry and don’t let dogs on. The result will be a very muddy, damaged lawn if you go out there too quickly.

The lawn is an integral and attractive part of your garden, so mow it regularly and water when needed, and you’ll keep it as beautiful as can be.

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