Tips and Tricks to Brighten up a Dark Room

If there is a room in your house that is a little on the dark or drab side, then brightening it up can make the world of difference. Making any structural changes or adding windows might not be possible or within budget – so we put together a list of ideas that can help you brighten up the space that won’t cost you a fortune. Your home will look bigger and brighter in no time.

Repaint the Ceiling

Dark Room Bright Ceiling

You may think that your ceiling is already white, but it is probably in need of a touch up if it hasn’t been repainted in a while. If you are looking to go down that road, avoid colours like ivory or cream – and make sure you go for the brightest white that you can find. It can make the room feel much more spacious and bright overall. Off-white will never have the same effect.

Use Mirrors to Make the Most of existing Light

Dark Room Bright Mirror
Mirrors are a great way to brighten up your room. You can use them strategically to make the most of the light that already exists. It’s a good idea to place them directly opposite windows which will make the light naturally reflect. This depends on how your room is set up, so if it isn’t possible – then don’t worry. They can still brighten up your room if they are placed above mantlepieces, bookcases, couches, side tables etc. They will still open up the space.

Retouch the Woodwork

Dark Room Bright Woodwork
Some people aren’t a fan of painting over woodwork – but it’s a great way to brighten up your room. If you have wood that is a little dated, or an oak staircase, or even ceiling beams, then these could definitely do with a coat of paint. Again, white is the best option for this – and it will instantly brighten your room up. The only thing is that it can be difficult to restore back to its former glory one you have done this – so you need to make sure that you are certain before going ahead with it.

Make the Furniture Minimalistic

Minimalistic Dark Room
Furniture can play a big part in how bright or dark your room is. If you have furniture that is a bit on the large side when in a small space or if it is overstuffed – then it can make your room look darker and stuffier. This also applies to furniture that is heavily carved. It’s a good idea to choose pieces that are on the lighter side and take up a little less space for more of a minimalist approach. If you are 100% keen on the heavier pieces, then maybe set a maximum to just 1 or 2 pieces.

Choose the Correct Flooring

Dark Room light rug
Much like a ceiling – a floor can also be an important part when it comes to how dark your room is. Keeping your floor light is a great way to create a sense of space, and to make your room seem larger. If it isn’t an option to replace your floors, you can choose to put down a light coloured rug. It doesn’t need to be one colour, you can get some patterned rugs that are also light. You could even paint the floor if you prefer the bare floor effect and will see a massive difference.

Sheer Curtains

Family Rooms Sheer curtains
Sheer curtains can be a great alternative to blinds in a home. If you have a small room, having vertical or roller blinds can make the room seem a little dark. Sheer curtains still allow you your privacy but let the light in at the same time. They tend to be incredibly versatile in terms of style – and there are lots of colours to choose from so can actually fit in with your décor very well.

Make the Room Green

Dark Room White Wall Plants
If you do have lovely white walls, then you can add splashes of colour with arts and plants. When you bring in some natural plants – it will give you a feel for the outdoors and brighten up any narrow spaces. When it comes to plants – the general rule would be that you can go big and introduce larger plants.

Many people are put off trying to brighten up a darkened room as they feel that there is a large cost involved, but with some of our above suggestions – you should be able to do this without having to put your hand in your pocket too much at all.

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