Time to Jump into Spring and Create The Perfect Yard You’ve Always Wanted!

At last – winter’s cold winds have given way to spring’s sun and showers. But as you look around your yard, you might find that you have plenty of work to do on your property. Fallen branches and piles of wet, dead leaves are an eyesore, and the scene is far from the colorful landscape you want to show off to your neighbors. Use the following strategies to reintroduce some vibrancy back into your yard.

Haul Away the Big Debris

Haul Away the Big Debris

Start your yard restoration plan by removing the obvious debris first. Collect broken branches, pine cones, and anything else that made its way into your yard during the winter. You might find yourself with large piles of unwanted debris, so consider renting a trailer from a service like Twin Falls Trailer Rental. A trailer offers an easy way to cart these piles away. If you have a compost pile, you can also break some of this material into smaller pieces and then use it as compost.

The Leaves

If you have trees anywhere near your yard, you’ll probably find lots of fallen leaves left over from autumn and winter. Let the ground dry before you begin the familiar chore of raking. If the rake goes over grass roots you might find yourself with unsightly, barren patches later.
What should you do with all these dead leaves? Again, you can either cart them off in bags via a trailer or use them as compost.


Next you’ll want to tend to any plants that have become overgrown and any tree branches that are damaged but haven’t fallen. This is for both aesthetic and safety purposes. Damaged branches could fall during a spring storm. And overgrown hedges make it easier for unwanted guests – both animals and humans – to sneak around your property.

Landscaping Plan

Once you’re done with the basics of tidying up, you can begin to make a plan for your yard’s new look.

Make a list of what plants you’ll be adding this season. Will you be laying out new grass? Will you be adding in new shrubs? Do any of these new additions require specific growth conditions?

If you’re working with a lot of yard space, you even might want to draw a diagram of the area.

Prepare for Seasonal Maintenance

Prepare for Seasonal Maintenance
Make sure all of your tools and equipment are in working condition before you need them. Consider adding in a newer, more efficient sprinkler system from businesses like Colorado Sprinkler Service. Ensure your lawnmower has functional blades and spark plugs, and put in new oil. You should also have an assortment of hand tools ready for the seasonal work.

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