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A deck is an interesting addition to a home. You can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy fresh air or use it for lazy lunches and entertainment. Decks also improve the value of a home and add to the overall general aesthetics. So, whether you want to entertain guests on your deck or use it for relaxation, you need furniture inspirations to add a bit of pop and glam to your deck and make your outdoor space feel like a worthy extension of your home. 

When it comes to designing your deck, you may think that you don’t need help. However, professional deck designers like NO1 Decks Brisbane https://www.no1decksbrisbane.com.au can give you insights and tips that you wouldn’t otherwise know.

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Things to consider when designing your deck  

  • Permit: the first thing you must do before building a deck is to find out the legal procedures to follow. Depending on where you stay, the City Council has laws and restrictions surrounding structural additions and renovations. For example, most decking projects require building approval. So, call the city hall or ask a town planner to know any legal requirements you will need to fulfil.  
  • Style: there are different deck styles you can choose from, each with a more distinct shape and appearance. They include traditional shapes like low square, high-rise rectangle, and distinctive shapes like L-shaped wraparound, a rectangle with octagon, Mid-century style, etc. You can choose a template and customize it to suit your preferred style.  
  • Space: the size of your property will often determine the size of the deck. In other words, the more space you have, the more flexible you can be with the design. Before you decide on how large or small you want your deck to be, consider the size of your property, wind pattern and how it affects usage, shade and comfort, privacy, ease of access, and how to maximize scenic views. 
  • Comfort: you must determine the purpose and function of the deck to know how to design it. Do you want to use your deck for outdoor dining or entertainment? After determining the function, you can style it the way you want to reflect its purpose and offer comfort. For example, you can include deck lighting and other built-ins, provided the function allows it.  
  • Cost: the cost will ultimately decide the size, style, and material for the deck. Also, it will determine if you do it yourself or call a professional. So, count the cost of the project before you begin to know which style or construction pattern will suit your budget.  

How much would it cost to design my deck? 

The cost of adding a deck to a home varies depending on the project. Factors such as the size of the deck, type of timber, accessories, materials and labour, site condition, building permit, elevation, etc. Ultimately affects the final price quote. Nonetheless, the average price of designing a deck range from $170-$210 per metre square.  

Best outdoor deck furniture  

  • Gather Around Circular Sofa Set: You can push all the elements together and form a gather-around sofa set. This style is perfect for socializing as the sofas are not far apart. Also, you can boost it with colourful cushions as you see fit.   
  • An all-in-one design: Unlike a gather around sofa set, an all-in-one set is just one piece that extends to the left and right. This style is perfect for making the most of smaller outdoor spaces.  
  • A practical coffee or bar table: this table is designed for holding drinks and comes with stools that prevent your knees from bruises. Its tempered glass top is easy to maintain as you can wipe spills off the table conveniently.   
  • Drink stools: create a stool that is almost like a personal drink holder where people can rest their drink   
  • Blend your seating into the deck design: if you have a small deck, use a couple of stand-out chairs that will blend with the overall decking design. If it is near a garden, use shapes and colours that will blend with the colours in your garden.   
  • Use a floating bench: floating benches are ideal if you want a minimalist look that won’t add any visual bulk to your garden.  
  • Add a swing chair to save space: A swing chair of any style is like a personal cocoon where you can find comfort and escape from the noise around. The chair is also great for small decks, as it won’t take any floor space.  
  • Use a bold backdrop: a bold backdrop that is opposite the colour scheme of your furniture will give an authentic look to the overall space.   

Try a coffee table fire pit: it is a fire pit, but a fire pit built within a table. This way, you can enjoy warmth sitting around the table with friends and family.  

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Deck styling is arguably the easiest part of the project. The reason is that you can throw in any design you want, provided it makes you feel comfortable and adds a bit of glamour to the deck.  

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