Three Great Tips for Renovating Your Cottage’s Kitchen

The kitchen is the centre or the ‘heart’ of most homes. It plays a key part in many family memories, whether it be a signature meal, utilizing the kitchen table for tasks and games, or the mysterious way everyone seems to gather there during a party. This is true in cottages as well.

Cottage life is all about getting away from the busy world to connect with yourself and your family — where better to do that than in your cottage’s kitchen.

Even though the summer season is ending, the demand for the quiet cottage life is still high — just look at some of the cottages for sale in Huntsville Ontario. You’ll see why many people leave the busy city behind in favour of the quiet life.

If your cottage’s kitchen is feeling a little dated and needs some TLC, here are some great kitchen renovation tips.

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Change Out the Appliances

Investing in new appliances, for example, can be a great way to keep your cottage looking modern and refreshed while having the added practicality and better efficiency. Most new appliances come with warranties, giving you added security on your investment for a time.

Open the Layout

Before you start cluttering your cottage’s kitchen with appliances, consider opening up your kitchen to the rest of the space if your cottage permits renovation. 

Open concept has- and continues to be-the in style for kitchens. The goal of cottage life is to feel more spacious and freer, and your kitchen should reflect that. Knocking down non-structural walls, or even just swapping out unnecessarily bulky furniture such as tables and chairs for slimmer models, can help open your space. 

When deciding on the placement of your appliances, make sure they’re positioned optimally to increase your functionality as much as possible.


Refresh Surfaces with a Coat of Paint

While updating everything in your home to the most current models can seem like a good idea, the rules are a bit different for cottage life. Cottages are known for and desired to be – a bit rustic.

Unless they’re in dire need of repair, consider simply repainting your kitchen cabinets and walls to freshen them up and change their hardware. This can have a great impact on the appearance and keeps the old units out of our landfills.

When it comes to your colour, you can go in two directions. Clean and classic, or bold and brave.

Neutrals are always recommended when it comes to keeping spaces clean, bright, and fresh. They’re also better for resale. But if this cottage is your sanctuary, consider being more adventurous. Colours can really affect the mood of a room, and the vibe your cottage has should impact your colour selection.

Yellow paint colours, for example, sign a cheerful atmosphere in a room, as do lighter greens and turquoise. Meanwhile, warmer wood colours work great in cottages to indicate a warmer, cozy feeling.

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