Thoughtful Style To Help You Prevent Flood Damage In Your Basement

Nothing is worse than realizing after a big rainstorm that your basement has been flooded. Along with the loss of property, you can be at risk for structural damage and mold. Once you have been flooded just one time, you will probably be looking for changes that you can make to prevent damage if there is a next time.

Many homeowners have converted their basements into a full living space for entertainment and relaxation. Even if you only use your basement for storage, there are measures that you can take to ensure that your precious items stay out of harm’s way.

If you have been flooded it’s always best to let the experts like the pros at ASAP Restoration help you clean up the mess. Then it’s time to think about some new style options that can prevent damage if it ever happens again.

Sump Pump Drain Covers

Sump Pump Drain Covers

It’s never a good idea to entirely cover up your sump pump but you can always install a grate or decorative drain cover to make it easy for water to get in and your style to shine. Your sump pump is probably placed somewhere out of the way in your basement, but if you have other drains in your basement that could be a fall or trip hazard, a cover is a good idea.

Painted Concrete Floors

The most common and expensive damage that is done when your basement floods are the loss of your carpet and underpadding. While carpet gives you comfort for your basement rec room it isn’t the only fashionable alternative.

If you want to minimize damage to your floors in the event of a flood it’s best to leave your basement concrete floors free of any coverings. There are some innovative ways to make a plain concrete floor really shine. You can add textured paint or acid wash to give it a high-style look.

Storage Shelves

Anything that you have stored in your basement on or near the floor is at risk during a flood. Cardboard boxes can instantly turn to mush when they get wet and anything that is stored inside is likely to get ruined.
Storage Shelves
When you are setting up your storage area it’s best to install a series of shelves where you can stack your items at least one foot off the floor. Rubber totes are a great way to preserve your precious items and protect them from any potential water damage.

Furniture With Legs

If your basement has a couch or other furniture it’s a good idea to choose styles that have legs that keep the bottoms of each piece off the ground. Even small legs can be added to most sofas to get them at least half a foot above the bare floor.

Your tables and chairs can be further protected by coating the legs with waterproof paint or a rubberized coating. You will appreciate this little bit of effort if you end up with a basement full of water.


The best way to prevent your basement from flooding is to take the proper preventative action. Repairing cracks in your foundation and properly maintaining your eavestrough system is just a part of preventing potential floods. By creating a thoughtfully designed basement you can minimize the damage and your financial losses in case you end up with water in your home.

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