This Moving Timeline Will Keep You On Track For Your Move


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Moving to a new city or state can be equally exciting and overwhelming. While the thought of making new friends and living a new life seems enthralling, the sudden change followed by the hassle of moving can feel intimidating too. However, with an effective checklist and plan in action, you can combat the overwhelming feeling and make the big move with ease. Start preparing a few weeks ahead of the big day and follow a timeline to avoid last-minute issues. This is specifically important if you do not intend to return to your current base after your move. Follow this timeline that spans eight weeks to stay on track for your next big move.

Week 1: Create a List of the Items You Own

Dedicate your first week to checking and analyzing your possessions to make an inventory list. This will help you keep a track of the items you own. Start segregating them based on their size, nature, and usage. Sell the items you do not need and make a priority list. At the same time, design a moving budget based on your savings and monthly expenses to stay financially prepared.

Week 2: Find Local Packers and Movers

Next, you need to find a moving company to help you settle in your new place. If you live in Texas, you can find several reliable moving companies to help you make the big move. Since certain Dallas moving company services specialize in cross-country moving, narrow down your options based on your moving location and budget. Find out more about your preferred company’s experience, credibility, and service costs before signing a deal.

Week 3: Start Packing

Segregate the items based on their usage and size to keep things in order. When you move to your new house, you should be able to find the items with ease. Gather boxes and pack your possessions based on their categories. Label each box to keep things in order. Refer to the inventory list you prepared during week 1 and check if you are missing any items. Coordinate with your moving company when packing bulkier items and preparing them for transportation.

Week 4: Get All Documentation in Order

Next, gather your important documents and place them in a single file to keep them handy. Contact your insurance agent and make sure that your policy papers are properly filed too. Gather your utility bills, receipts, and other important documents for future reference. To make it easier, prepare a list of important medical, legal, and financial papers and check whether or not you have packed them all.

Week 5: Examine Your Residence One Last Time

Check and recheck your apartment to spot the items you accidentally left behind. If you are handing over your apartment to new tenants or returning the keys to your landlord, clean it thoroughly before leaving the premises. Examine the condition of your appliances and get the necessary repairs done. Dispose of dangerous, toxic, poisonous, and flammable items with utmost care. 

Week 6: Prepare Your New House Before Moving In

Use the 6th week to clean your new house and prepare it before you move in permanently. With this, you simply have to unpack and organize your possessions on your moving day. Paint the walls, get additional furniture, fix the floors, install fixtures and appliances, and check the electric and plumbing lines. Prepare frozen meals and stuff your refrigerator with enough food that will last you an entire week until you are settled in your new place.

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Week 7: Talk to Your Real Estate Agent and Get to Know Your Neighbors

Check with your real estate agent one last time to ensure that your new place is ready. If you are too busy, ask them to sort the documentation and help the new tenants to settle down. Getting to know your neighbors and befriending them before moving in can help you in the long run. You will not only make new friends but also gain loyal companions who will help you adjust to your new lifestyle.

Week 8: Make The Big Move

Finally, you are ready to make the big move in your 8th week. Unpack at least one box every day to rearrange your new place by the end of the week. Once you are settled, clean your place and invite your neighbors for a housewarming party.

With this timeline in place, moving will no longer be stressful. Instead of dreading the process, get to work and follow the timeline to get things in order within 8 weeks. Whether you are moving across the state or establishing your base at the other end of your country, an effective action plan will ensure that you are ready to start a new life.

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