Thinking About Buying a Snow Blower? Here are 4 Must-have Features You Need to Consider

Not all snow blowers are built equal. While they can be a huge help during those tough winter months, the features you choose can make or break your experience during those big snowfalls. So if you’re considering a snow blower this winter, we got 4 must-have features you should get on your shopping list.

  • Power Steering

Snow blowers can be a heavy piece of equipment to maneuver. With repeated turns on your driveway, it could be a real workout if you’re not prepared. However, if you buy a snow blower equipped with power steering, you’ll be able to turn your machine on a dime with a single trigger. Now, that’s what we call an essential feature!

snow blower1

  • 3-Stage Power

If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, a powerful 3-stage snow blower is a must. Unlike a traditional one or two-stage snow blower, a three-stage snow blower has an induction accelerator that pulls snow and ice through the system like a turbocharger. This means being able to clear a driveway up to 50% faster when compared to a 2-stage snow blower, and gives you the power to clear up to 23 inches of snow—even the ice chunk at the end of your driveway. This type of powerful snow blower is exclusively available from Cub Cadet and is a must-have feature for those tough Canadian winters. 

  • Push Button Start

On those cold winter mornings, don’t get stuck pulling a starter cord over and over again. Look into snow blowers that offer an electric push button start that gets you on your way as soon as you need it. 

snow blower2

  • Heated Hand Grips

You have a heated steering wheel in your car, why not heated hand grips on your snow blower? This convenient feature will make your snow clearing experience so much more enjoyable—so you can clear your driveway in comfort this winter. 

There you have it. Get a snow blower with these features, and you’re going to get through the winter in comfort and speed. Who knows, you might even enjoy it a little! 

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