Things to Know Before Moving to Seattle

Seattle is a distinctive city for infinite reasons, and surely a must-visit place for everyone. If you want to start a new life in Seattle, you must know that the city provides exceptional career opportunities and has stunning views.

People admire the city due to its fantastic assortment of food, natural beauty, and unique taste of the coffee. Undoubtedly, the University Town is known for its swarm and great hustle but no denial, Puget Sound provides enough tranquillity and serenity to everyone. You can consider this city if you are looking for premium quality academic institutes, better job opportunities, and adventurous places to explore.

According to U.S. News, Seattle ranked among the top 10 cities in the United States for various good reasons as it is not only an environment-friendly city but the residents’ average income is quite higher as well. However, visiting Seattle is a bit different from starting a causal life there, so if you are planning to explore some latest opportunities in this Pacific Northwest city, then you must get the proper knowledge of the city in the first place.

Higher Cost of Living

Admittedly, everyone knows that the West Coast cities are famous for their higher living standards, including rents and expensive food, etc. That’s why; Seattle is not an exception here as the average cost of living running 24% higher than the other cities of the country.
Higher Cost of Living

Similarly, compared to Portland, the average rents are 35% higher, and surely it makes the city an expensive place to live. So, if you are planning to get an apartment in Seattle, you need to be financially secure. However, you can think about sharing your apartment or get a roommate because this way, you can share the burden of rent. So, if you have finally decided to relocate to this amazing city, then you will also need professional moving services to take your luggage to your new location. Companies like Seattle Movers can help you relocate to your new place without any headache and competitive cost.

Amazing Places to Live in Seattle

The University District is one of the most suitable places for students to live. There are different reasons to admire the University District because it has multiple educationally focused communities, including Brooklyn Addition, University Park, University Heights, and Green Row.

Due to all such factors, the area is the preference of the students and the young crowd.

Nevertheless, the city is not reserved for the students as most of the older people also live here to complete their academia.

On the other hand, Capitol Hill is ideal for young couples as it is all about the hustle-bustle and the entertaining scenes. Whereas, Volunteer Park is the place where you can spend quality time in the summer.

But if you are moving with the whole family, you can get a better place in West Seattle as it is considered separate from the rest of Seattle. Beautiful park, incredible infrastructure, and top-notch public school – every single facility is available in West Seattle.

A Well Populated City

If you want to visit Seattle to avoid the crowd, we must share that the country is well-known for its population. The estimated population of Seattle metro in 2019 was around 3.7 million people, and it is 0.8% more than it was in 2018.
A Well Populated City
The people of this beautiful city keeps on growing, and extroverts consider it a blessing. So, if you are an extrovert, then go and make new friends, but for introverts staying in a crowded place could be a significant challenge. If you think the hustle and bustle of the city can make you uncomfortable, look for other ways, including book reading. Still, if it doesn’t work, then sadly, the city is not for you.

Schools and Universities

Amazingly, Seattle holds the title of one of the most educated cities of America, and the city has around 500 public and private academic institutes for the students. Additionally, there are seven different colleges and universities you can find in the Seattle border, whereas approximately 14 educational institutes are located a bit away from the city (40 miles away).

Final Words

Unquestionably, Seattle is a world-class city to start a new life at, but considering the facts mentioned above can make the ultimate decision easier for you. So, don’t waste time more time deliberating, and get ready to move to this beautiful city.

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