Things to Do to Improve and Increase Your Home Security


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Safe and secure home has become a necessity in today’s world. We often think our neighborhoods are safe and there’s nothing to worry about. But with thefts and burglaries becoming common, keeping your home secure is a tough challenge. Home systems are the latest trends in home security. These security systems have developed a lot over the years. They can do much more than simply sound alarms when an intruder enters your home. Having a home security system is often enough to keep your home safe. But as they say, carelessness can lead to losses. If you feel your home is not secure enough, it’s about time you buckle up your home’s security. From upgrading your locks to investing in better security systems, there’s a lot you can do to make your home safe. Here are some great tips to help you improve and increase the security in your home.

Install a Home Security System

As mentioned before, home security systems are the latest trends. Nowadays, having home security is a necessity, especially in areas with high crime rates. A home security system can include motion detectors, timers or smart lights, door and window sensors, doorstop alarms, etc. While these systems are expensive, you can always try basic security for highly vulnerable areas like the front door, garage, etc. And then add security to other areas later.

Check Your Security System for Issues

If you already have a security system installed, does it mean the battle’s won? No, not really! Having a security system is just one precaution, it doesn’t guarantee that your home will never be invaded again. But it does provide you a lot of protection and make things very difficult for intruders. Most intruders avoid the hassle of dealing with security systems. What you can do to ensure your security systems are working perfectly is to get them checked regularly. Many companies like the Art of Lock Picking can help you do the same by trying to break your security system. This can expose your weak points and help you reinforce security.

Use Motion Sensor Lights for Exterior

Another good way to keep intruders away is using motion sensor lights in your home. Investing in motion sensor lighting is a good move for the entire home. Not only does it remove the hassle of pressing a button every time you want light, it can also help you control your home lights as needed. And if you think having motion lights in the entire home is expensive, then simply use these lights for your exterior only. Whenever someone steps into your porch or backyard, lights will detect the motion and start up automatically. They can help fool intruders into thinking someone’s at home.

Automate Your Home

Another thing you can do to reinforce security is to automate your home. Home automation ensures you get complete control of all the smart systems in your home. You can check your alarm systems and ensure you’ve locked up properly after leaving. Whether it is your lighting, thermostat, garage doors or alarm systems, you can control anything remotely. So, even if you’re not at home, you can switch on your porch lights at night and dissuade intruders from trying to enter your home.

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Use CCTV Cameras for Security

If you think CCTV Cameras are only for commercial buildings, you’re very wrong! You also can use these cameras in your home and gardens to reinforce security. Install these cameras to your backyard and porch to keep a check on any unwanted visitors. You can also use your neighborhood cameras to check the same. Having CCTV cameras is a great way of dissuading intruders as they tend to avoid places with cameras. 

Secure the Garage Doors 

Your garage is probably one of the most vulnerable places in your home. Most people forget the garage when thinking of home security. But garages are among the most common areas that intruders look for to break and enter a home. So, it makes sense to make your garage doors as secure as possible. Upgrade your current garage door locks for better versions. You can also use automated systems to open and close the garage to ensure complete safety. 

Upgrade Your Door and Window Locks

The doors and windows of any home are the most vulnerable places for intruders to use. It is best to keep upgrading the locks on your doors and windows. The front doors are the most common areas where intruders try to break into. So, make sure you use the latest technology locks with strong deadbolts. You can also use door and window stoppers to discourage any breaking and entering attempts. Same goes for window locks as they also need proper upgrades. 

Keep Your Upcoming Trips Private

No matter how much you wish to announce to the world where you are going and how much you’re looking forward to it, don’t post it! Thieves who have their sights set on a home tend to look everywhere for clues as to when and how they can get the home empty. When you announce upcoming trips on social media, even thieves can get access to that information. This leaves your home vulnerable for an attack when you’re gone. Hence, it is best to avoid mentioning upcoming trips on social media. It may be tempting to share pictures and videos but wait till you’re back to post them so that you don’t have to worry about a break-in once you’re away.

Latest home security devices certainly cover the entire house and can offer much better security solutions than before. But, having the latest technologies is not always enough. What’s more important is having the presence of mind to keep yourself and your stuff safe. Along with using the above tips to secure your home, you should also always stay aware of your surroundings. Being proactive and alert can help you stay safe and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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