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Silk bedding has the potential to affect how individuals sleep. It’s a synthetic fabric that’s gentler on the skin than other synthetics. Silk can help your body create the ideal environment for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, it is recognized for being quite gentle on facial skin while still being effective. Due to its smooth and silky feel, it is an attractive fabric for apparel and bedding. Let us continue this essay by discussing the history and types of silks.

Silk will give a very beautiful look  to your home. You can use it in your home decor like in your living room, bedroom, bathroom renovations etc.

What Is the Silk History?

Silk is an ancient fabric that dates to 3000-4000 BC in China. The renowned soft and rich fabric immediately attracted monarchs and traders worldwide, lasting impact on the numerous areas they passed through.

For 2000 years, China passionately guarded the secret of silk manufacture. As silk manufacturing extended worldwide, demand for its use in clothes, upholstery, and bedding increased. To maintain silk production, humans tamed the Bombyx Mori larva to the point where it no longer survives on its own.

Are There Many Different Types of Silk?

You may be shocked to learn that there are numerous sorts of silk available, with only a few kinds suited for bedding. They vary in appearance based on the type of worm used to construct them, how they were twisted, and how they were woven. Silk is also available in a range of grades. Rather than thread count, silk is quantified in momme weight, the weight of a defined size of silk. The heavier the momme, the higher the quality of the silk. The recommended momme weight for bedding is 15 or greater.

  • Silk Mulberry


The most frequently manufactured and used silk is also likely the most excellent option for silk bedding. Mulberry silk takes its name from the diet of silkworms. When the silkworms are growing, they are fed exclusively Mulberry leaves.

  • Silk Charmeuse

The term “charmeuse silk” refers to a variation in the way silk is woven. Wrapping threads over one another produces a finished silk sheet with one smooth, lustrous side and one dull side.

  • Silk Eri


Eri silk is derived from a distinct caterpillar species native to India. It is referred to as peace silk because the silkworm is not killed to obtain the silk. It is, however, not as silky as Mulberry silk.

You can also use this silk for your office furniture Melbourne to make it look more attractive. You can use it for your sofa or your cushion cover as well.

  • Silk Tussah

Tussah silk is derived from various types of wild moth larval silk. Because they graze on oak leaves and a variety of other plants, they lack a distinct color. Tussah silk has a golden to brown hue.

  • Silk Habotai


Japanese silk is traditionally woven into kimonos. It is typically more delicate, lighter silk.


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