These Are The Best Log Splitters In 2020

Do you feel that cutting down the trees and making them into logs is the most formidable task on the earth? Are you looking for a machine that will help you to cut the logs? Then, Log splitters will be your best friend. Log splitters will help you cut the large trees down into the middles, halves, and quarters logs. You can use the downed cut logs for firewood and can also be used for making small wooden items. Different varieties like an ax, metal kindling splitters, and modern gas and electric models are available. Below are the best splitters that will help you to choose any top rated log splitter.

Boss Industrial ES7T20

This splitter is chosen as the best electric log splitter and awarded by Amazon’s Choice. It has got great reviews due to high-quality manufacturing. It will work just by inserting the wood into the splitter and pushing the log onto the splitter. This splitter has different record and thickness types and comes with a four-way splitter, making your job easier on more massive logs. This log is the best choice for household and woodworking purposes. In addition to the above features, you will get two years of warranty.

Champion 100251

This log splitter has a more massive conventional machine when compared to other splitters. It has a whopping 25-tonne horsepower force in the machine. You can make light work of logs in 12 seconds. Even this splitter gets two years of warranty. This product will gibes lifetime technical support to the customers. It runs on gas, and you need to maintain gas to keep this splitter running.

Boss Industrial ES7T20

Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe

Ten tones of horsepower, along with the low price, make the splitter a special one. This machine runs with a hydraulic ram, but the beam’s length is shorter than other splitters. This makes you cut the large logs according to the size of the shaft.

Southland SELS60

This log splitter has a little less horsepower when compared to the other splitters. It has a horsepower of 6 tons. This has a longer beam and allows you to cut the more massive logs easily. This is a fantastic budget-friendly splitter and will enable you to use thicker logs without any worry of falling.

Fiskars x27 Super Splitting Axe

If you have a tight budget and cannot afford a machine splitter, this is the best choice. If you use a splitter to cut only a few logs per week, this is the best choice. This splitter is designed especially for splitting logs and makes your job very easy compared to other logs.

Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe


This splitter also falls into the heavy horsepower splitters category. It has 25 tones of horsepower and helps you to cut any large log in seconds. It is a heavy-duty machine and easy to transport. It works very fast and efficiently in a brief period.

Kindling Cracker Splitter

This is another option if you are looking for a budget-friendly option over an ax. If you are looking for only firewood kindling, then this works best for you. It is durable and a study splitter. This splitter is made out of cast iron and is very sturdy. This splitter requires no maintenance. This does not require any power sources to work and is significantly cheaper to run the splitter. It has a large bar, which doesn’t require a large force when compared to ax. If you feel that ax is challenging to handle, this will be the right choice.

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