The Top Trends in Home Painting for 2024


Home Painting for 2024

When it comes to improving our Auckland homes, painting is an impactful choice. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint can completely transform the atmosphere and vibe of any space. As we look ahead to 2024, there are a vast number of trends emerging in the world of home painting in Auckland, New Zealand. From colour palettes to techniques and finishes, homeowners have plenty of options to consider for their projects. In this article, we will explore the trends in home painting for 2024.

1. Natural Earthy Tones:

While vibrant and bold colours have been popular in recent years, 2024 brings a shift towards natural, earthy tones. Colours inspired by nature, like browns, soft greens, sandy beiges, and subtle blues, are gaining popularity among homeowners. These shades create a welcoming atmosphere in any room, providing a sense of tranquillity and relaxation.

2. Two Tone Walls:

Another trend that has been catching on is the idea of two-tone walls. Instead of choosing one colour for an entire wall, homeowners are now opting for two complementary colours to create visually captivating effects. This technique involves painting the bottom part of the wall with one colour while using another shade on top or dividing the wall horizontally or diagonally using a chair rail or tape line. Experienced house painters in Auckland can add texture to a space to bring in depth and character without overwhelming it.

3. Paints with Texture:

Using textured paints is a great way to enhance your walls and add interest. Specialised paints can create textures like stucco or stone, providing a tactile experience in your living areas. With texture paints, you have the freedom to experiment with patterns such as shapes or abstract designs.

4. Metallic Touches:

The popularity of accents has been steadily increasing, and they are continuing to be favoured in interior design as we move into 2024! Incorporating finishes or colours like gold, silver, and bronze or adding accents and accessories can elevate any space from ordinary to glamorous. Think about shimmering fixtures, decorative elements, or even painting a wall with a metallic hue – these touches bring sophistication and luxury into any room.

5. Eye-catching Ceilings:

While walls usually receive most of the attention when it comes to decorating, more and more homeowners are now embracing ceiling designs. Whether it’s using colours, wallpapering a ceiling, or incorporating an eye-catching mural, decorating the “fifth wall” can truly transform a room. It adds an element of surprise and uniqueness that sets your living space apart.

6. Eco-Friendly Paints:

As the world becomes more and more concerned about the environment, there is a growing demand for paint options that are eco-friendly. Sustainable paints are a great choice as they have zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) content and use natural ingredients derived from plant oils and minerals instead of harmful chemicals. These paints not only improve the indoor air quality but also help reduce our environmental impact. They are increasingly considered as sustainable alternatives without compromising on appeal.

7. Expressive Doors:

When it comes to home painting trends, it’s not just about walls; doors are also getting attention. Adding character to doors by painting them in vibrant colours or finishes enhances their visual impact even when they’re closed. By giving your doors some personality that reflects your own, you’ll undoubtedly stand out!

8. Dark Trim:

While white has been a go-to choice for trim work for years, dark trims bring a higher level of sophistication. Shades like chocolate brown or deep charcoal grey create contrast against walls, making them visually striking. Combining these two tones highlights features and adds drama to your space. So why not try creating entrances with hues?


Looking ahead to 2024, there are exciting home painting trends that offer homeowners various options to refresh their living spaces. Some people prefer to incorporate earthly tones into their home decor, combining them with abstract shapes that convey a sense of dynamic creativity. The possibilities are truly endless as the focus is no longer limited to walls. Ceilings and doors can also contribute to the transformation, adding an element of drama. Additionally, incorporating texture can bring depth and style to your space. To ensure your choices are sustainable, opt for eco-friendly paint that not only enhances aesthetics but also minimises the environmental impact.

By embracing one or more of these trends, you can give your home a modern appearance while showcasing your personal style. Whether you decide on earthly tones, textured finishes, or bold accents, it’s important to stay true to yourself throughout the process. Enjoy painting and creating a space that reflects who you are!

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