The St. Regis Mattress – Is it worth a buy?

A luxury product that promises a good night’s sleep, the Regis brand is world famous for providing exceptional quality and care. But if you’re considering picking up one today, is their latest mattress right for your unique space?

So, what does the St. Regis mattress have to offer, and should you think about picking one up for your property?

What is it?

A premium mattress from the time-tested St. Regis line, the Marriott owned company promises a premium night’s sleep with every item. Seen as the pinnacle of comfort and quality for many, they are available in a range of sizes and give a wealth of extras and options. Its key selling point is the St. Regis’ pillow top design – proving perfect for proving ergonomic support and near guaranteeing a good night’s sleep. However, it’s essential to make sure that you understand the potential benefits or holdbacks before making a buy.
What is it

Pros and Cons


  • Choice: Available in a range of options from twin to super-king, the St. Regis offers a wide range of options to fit all existing frames. This also comes with a range of additional purchasing options from pillow protectors, flat sheets, and more to let you fully customise your sleeping experience.
  • Comfort: Coming complete with an encapsulated spring, the mattress provides essential support to all body shapes that is guaranteed to last. This spring support is also backed up by a form encasement, meaning that your night’s sleep is comfort personified.
  • Longevity: With a 76% polyester and 24% knitted viscose fabric, the St. Regis is – perhaps unsurprisingly for a hotel chain – a hard wearing product that emphasises hygiene and durability. This allows you to spend a little more money on an item that lasts, making it perfect for home use or for a quality Airbnb bed to keep your guests coming back.



  • Cost: While quality rarely comes cheap, the St. Regis mattress is at the pricier end of the spectrum. While picking one up guarantees a long period of hard-wearing care with a five-year warranty, it may be beyond some budgets. However, finding the right provider can allow you to pick out a mattress as part of a deal or sales package can help ease the blow if it’s a little too expensive for your allocated budget.
  • Height: At 33 cm, the St. Regis is on the edge of quite a high mattress. While this adds extra padding and comfort, it can potentially be difficult for some people to get into at night and may not fit flush with existing bed frames. If this is an issue, taking measurements or trying out a mattress in a local store can help confirm whether the product is right for you.


For us, if your budget stretches far enough – it’s a definite buy.

Combining quality, integrity, and comfort; the St. Regis is a perfect pick for any individual looking to invest in a mattress that is guaranteed to last.

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